‘We at Lexar believe Africa is the future’

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African economies, like all emerging economies, require strong, fast, and dependable technology to help them grow faster, according to Fissal Oubida, Global Marketing Director & GM, Middle East & Africa at Lexar.

What will be Lexar’s key takeaways from Cairo ICT this year?

ICT CAIRO holds a special place in our hearts; it is a technology convergence initiative that has been running for over 25 years across the Middle East and Africa, in the most iconic, magical city of Cairo, which we all love and continue to visit.

Lexar’s presence in this Edition by having our own booth sends a clear message to our Egyptian customers that we are committed to serving them in the best way possible with the latest innovation Lexar has achieved, as well as a message to our African partners that we are fully committed to bringing technology to them in the best quality and at the most competitive price to aid in the continent’s rapid development.

Which opportunities do you see in the African region?

After being nominated as LEXAR’s General Manager of the Middle East and Africa, having lived and seen the evolution of the continent, being the base of the world’s most youthful population, technologically savvy, entrepreneurial, and most importantly, hungry for success, we at Lexar believe Africa is the future.

We are dividing a strategy that has already begun to perpetrate coastal areas first, from the north part of Morocco and Egypt, west Nigeria, east Kenya, and finally south Africa.

These will be our starting points for covering the entire continent and ensuring that our consumers can access our products in their own economic environment, whether in a retail store in the heart of Casablanca or a small independent shop in the heart of Nairobi.

Are there any technologies that are in high demand in the African region; how will Lexar cater to them?

Lexar will focus on 2 segments in Africa:

  • Components and parts (SSD and Memory modules ) to assist in upgrading and boosting computers, laptops, and gaming devices. This segment has enormous potential, and we will invest heavily to ensure that our consumers receive our products of the highest quality in the market at a reasonable price, making them very competitive.
  • LEXAR offers a range of robust cards that can fit to all devices, with different capacities and high performance that has been tested to withstand all weather conditions from extreme heat to low temperature. Our primary goal is to make imaging cards available throughout the continent.
Considering Lexar’s expansion plans in Africa, can we expect any exciting partnerships soon?

Lexar is currently armed with a team of passionate professionals ranging from a dedicated sales team to a brilliant branding department and proactive management.

Under the leadership of our CEO Mr. Tsai & our COO Mr. JESS, we have been instructed to step on the gas and push our expansion to cover every corner of our region. We have been provided with the necessary resources and tools, so I am confident that 2023 will be an exceptional year in Lexar’s life cycle.

Our goal is to reach 1000 retail locations, 25 distributors, and over 25000 sales points, so there is a lot of work to be done, but believe me when I say IT WILL BE DONE.

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