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Work together towards a Safer Internet, says Pixcom expert

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By Michael Makande, Enterprise Manager Pixcom(AVAYA)

2020 will be forever remembered as the year that changed the very way we live and for most organizations, the way they do business.

The internet became an even more powerful and critical tool and medium for the world to function. But at times it also seemed like an evil place. It offers loads of information but with it comes scams, fake news, hatred, and privacy breaches. Work and personal relationships were being redefined during and post-pandemic.

Engagement shifted from physical/ face to face to more of remote/online interaction.  The ‘workplace’ moved from offices to homes and although that ensured a considerable level of productivity and continuity, it brought about a new kind of challenge.  Credibility and safety are important words associated with content today.

That is exactly why we need the Safer Internet Day. A day to celebrate all the positives of the internet and a collective effort in mitigating or wiping out the evil it brings along.

The Dangers

Predators, lurking on the internet continue to pose a serious threat to organizations and individuals alike who would not have taken security measures to safeguard their online activity. With every opportunity to use this for the benefit of mankind, there is a danger from individuals and companies alike trying to use it for less honorable purposes.


  1. Compulsory Warnings

With the rise of social media usage globally, I feel it should be made mandatory that each and every social media application plays/displays a warning for users every time they open that application, to warn them about online security threats. 

  1. Education

Awareness is key as some users are not at all aware of the threats to their data etc associated with social media and all collaboration applications. So perhaps even before the warnings, we need an education system that makes everyone from kids to adults aware of the threats and scams that exist and could affect their lives.

  1. Better Products & Services

For organizations, in today’s remote working scenario, where we are witnessing an increase in the number of remote workers and teleworkers, investment in security applications is no longer an option, it is a must. Every tech brand must endeavor to empower everyone to use technology responsibly, deferentially, and ingeniously.

Most vendors have responded to this new world order by coming up with enhanced security features and flexible plans. Lately, there has been a shift towards aaS (As A Service) and towards pay per use plans as opposed to expensive outright purchases.  That provides a platform to flex up or down without having to compromise on the quality of service and also makes enterprise-grade internet security applications/features such as Session Border Controllers, available to the smaller organizations and even individuals at affordable ‘pay per use’ rates.

  1. Citizen Journalists

Empower every citizen to be a journalist by making it easy for them to report scams, threats, or hatred to a governing body that can take immediate action.

  1. Responsible Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms could band together and take a pledge to put their users first akin to oaths other professionals like doctors take. If they put users first, the usage will only increase as these platforms will become a safe haven for people to interact virtually.

On this occasion of Safer Internet Day, let us collectively put a little more effort and investment to ensure security is not compromised.


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