Amazfit’s new smartwatches now available at EROS

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EROS, a UAE-based tech retailer, announced that its collaborating brand, Amazfit, has launched the fourth generation of its GTR and GTS series.

The new series of Amazfit, a global smart wearables brand of Zepp Health (NYSE: ZEPP), is now available in all leading retail stores and hypermarkets in the UAE. The new lineup arrives just in time for Dubai’s fitness challenge, as UAE residents prepare for the month-long fitness event.

The new Amazfit watches comes with a range of advanced features designed for sport and fitness enthusiasts. This includes:

  • The brand-new watches are embedded with advanced 150+ sports modes and fitness features, such as personalised templates, performance data like VO₂ Max after any workout is completed, etc.
  • Amazfit has partnered with Adidas Runtastic; allowing users to sync their workout data for all kinds of activities.
  • Enhanced health tracking and management that can accurately monitor heart rate, blood-oxygen saturation, stress levels 24/7, and can quickly test these three metrics – plus breathing rate – in only 45 seconds with a single touch, due to the One-tap measuring function. 
  • Includes improved sleep monitoring, so users (especially for those with night shifts) can now create their own sleep schedule and monitor their total sleep stages even during daytime. 
  • Includes a dual-band circularly polarised GPS antenna technology to support five satellite systems, allowing wearers to track their movements in real-time.
  • These Amazfit watches have built-in Alexa Voice Assistant for online voice commands, music storage and stand-alone music playback hands-free workouts. It has the ability to broadcast real-time sports mode data like heart rate, workout duration and distance, and even hydration reminders via the speaker or the user’s Bluetooth headphones.
  • Amazfit’s has an upgraded powerful and easy-to-use Zepp OS operating system for super-smooth interactions and design to consume less power, and capability to download an array of third-party mini apps. It has also added a special “Baby Records” feature, which allows users to record their baby’s sleep and feeding times.
  • Boasts of an ultra-long battery life for an uninterrupted fitness experience for up to 15 days without charging and up to 45 days on battery saver mode.

Mohammad Badri, Director, EROS Group said, “The new Amazfit GTR 4 AND GTS 4 are designed to inspire a professional and active lifestyle – enabling users to stay healthy and track their daily activities and performance at any time anywhere. Making it a perfect sport and fitness companion, it perfectly blends a high-end design with advanced premium features than any other smartwatches.”

The Amazfit GTR and GTS series’ fourth generation comes in a variety of stunning color palettes, bringing style, texture, and compactness. The GTS 4 MINI costs AED 369, while the GTR 4 and GTS 4 cost AED 739.

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