Aurora Tech Awards 2024: Nominations Now Open, Empowering Women in Tech

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In an era where gender equality in the tech industry remains a pressing issue, Africa’s tech landscape is undergoing a remarkable transformation. This transformation is exemplified by the prestigious Aurora Tech Awards, an annual global celebration launched in 2020 to honor women founders of IT startups who are redefining norms and breaking barriers in the tech world. The Aurora Tech Awards is delighted to announce that entries for the 2024 Aurora Tech Awards are now officially open.

The 2023 Aurora Tech Awards showcased a profound shift in Africa’s technology sphere. A significant portion of the nominations spotlighted the achievements of African women in tech from countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and Uganda. These visionary women helm IT startups that have brought substantial value to their communities. Not only have they harnessed technology to bridge gaps in essential areas like education, healthcare, and finance, but they have also passionately supported their fellow entrepreneurs. The 2023 award was ultimately bestowed upon Elizabeth Mwangi from Kenya and her startup, Gwiji for Women, which connects cleaners living in Nairobi’s slums with clients.

The mission of the Aurora Tech Awards is threefold: to commend the strides of women in IT entrepreneurship, to empower them with the resources they deserve through significant cash prizes, and to shatter the very gender biases that have long confined the industry.

Ekaterina Smirnova, Executive Director of the Aurora Tech Award, shares her perspective: “In a tech world still grappling with gender disparity, awards like the Aurora Tech Award act as catalysts for change. Our recognition empowers women, breaking down barriers and inspiring young minds. The positive feedback from past winners attests to the transformative impact. As we receive applications from around the globe, we’re thrilled to spotlight talents making community-changing impacts and serving as role models. We envision a future where gender ceases to limit potential. This award isn’t just a recognition; it’s a step towards a more inclusive and innovative tomorrow.”

The Aurora Tech Award envisions a future where innovation knows no gender, where women’s potential flourishes without constraints. It’s not merely about breaking through glass ceilings; it’s about forging an industry that stands as a testament to the capabilities of all, regardless of gender.

Eligibility Criteria:

– The startup must be founded or co-founded and led by a woman entrepreneur.

– The startup should not have received investments exceeding $4 million in funding, including the seed round.

– The startup must be no more than 5 years old.

– The startup should have a functional prototype; applications with only an idea will not be considered.

Applications for the award can be submitted via the official website at 

Important Dates:

– Entries can be submitted between September 5 and December 1, 2023.

– Finalist announcement date: January 31, 2024.

– Final assessments and announcement of winners: March 8, 2024.

The judging panel will include prominent female IT entrepreneurs, previous Aurora Tech Award winners, and key industry experts.


– First prize: $30,000.

– Second prize: $20,000.

– Third prize: $10,000.

There will be only one winner per category, and the prize can be awarded to a contestant from any of the participating countries. Additionally, the entrepreneurs will gain access to the inDriver mentorship program.

The Aurora Tech Awards stand as a beacon of hope and change in the tech world, championing gender equality and inclusivity, and celebrating the remarkable achievements of women in technology.

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