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Build the home entertainment system of your dreams with SONY

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Today, staying in is the new going out! Nothing beats family time at home, whether it’s with a fantastic movie, the latest sitcom, or a game. And the sentiment is widespread. Users globally watched over 404,444 hours of Netflix material in one online minute, with video on demand income reaching a staggering $61 billion in 2020.

Upgrade your sofa and screen setup this season to create a beautiful and elegant home theatre.

The Basics

To create a rich soundtrack that puts you right in the middle of the action, start with the correct soundbar. You might experience a new level of immersive, cinematic audio at home with SONY sound bars. The SONY Dolby Atmos, for example, provides amazing three-dimensional surround sound. A soundbar, subwoofer, and wireless rear speakers work together to offer a dynamic surround sound experience that fills your room. The SONY 5.1ch Home Cinema with Wireless Rear Speakers HT-S40R soundbar, with 600W output and Dolby Digital®, immerses you in the action.

Connect the soundbar to the television using the Audio Return Channel feature once it’s been setup. Another alternative is to use an optical digital cable, a coaxial digital cable, or an audio cable to link it. A subwoofer — a specialised loudspeaker that reproduces the extreme low frequencies seen in movies or music – is another option for audiophiles. Consider the size of the space and if it is carpeted or insulated when selecting a subwoofer.

Sony-home entertainment system - techxmedia

The television is now the focal point of the home theatre. The SONY BRAVIA XR, which is also the world’s first with cognitive intelligence, provides the ideal balance of picture and sound. The BRAVIA XR, which is powered by Cognitive Processor XR, employs an entirely new processing mechanism that goes beyond standard AI and is designed to mimic how humans perceive and hear. Sony’s 8K LED and 4K LED televisions provide an immersive viewing experience while also adding a stylish accent to home décor thanks to their soft minimalism.

The Sony BRAVIA XR A90J is a high-end 4K OLED TV from the Master Series that offers unrivalled picture quality with immaculate blacks and a near-infinite contrast ratio. The XRA90J TV has excellent visual quality, making it ideal for watching movies and TV shows. It also features a near-instantaneous response time for sports and video games, allowing for smooth and crisp movements. The most immersive experience is achieved through improved picture quality, a sleek design, and Sound-from-Picture RealityTM, which aligns the position of the sound with the images on the screen for a really lifelike experience.

The nice to haves

A home entertainment system comes with its own remote for each device, which adds to the clutter and confusion. Purchase a universal remote control. You may also use a mobile remote-control app to control your home entertainment system from your phone. Some apps are compatible with a variety of product brands and models, while others are restricted to a single brand. Voice control with Amazon Echo and Google Home smart speakers using Alexa and Google Assistant technologies is another option. When the devices are connected with an HDMI® cable and the control for HDMI function is activated, a home theatre can also be controlled via the TV remote control.

Sony-home entertainment system - techxmedia

Surge protectors are a home entertainment system’s hidden heroes. Surge protection protects your system from a sudden power interruption or brownout, despite the fact that it isn’t infallible. Consider a power conditioner if you want to keep track of and regulate your power usage. Dimmable lighting will improve the ambiance of your home entertainment and make watching movies much more enjoyable. If you can’t get a dimmer on the light switch, consider blackout shades to improve the acoustics and viewing experience. Aesthetics, functionality, and space planning are all factors in the greatest home entertainment system. Anyone can create the ideal setup with a few changes and the correct products.


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