Signify - manufacturing units - Made in Saudi initiative - KSA - techxmedia

Signify registers its manufacturing units in KSA under Made in Saudi initiative

Signify is a certified Energy Savings Company because its production facilities produce energy-efficient products and lab tests are completed locally to fulfil local and international standards. Signify Saudi Arabia was one of the Middle East’s global marketplaces to attain carbon neutrality in 2016. Signify, also focuses on health and wellbeing through its UVC lighting sector which disinfects homes and workplace.

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Khaled AlShami - Senior Director - Solution Consulting - Infor - techxmedia

Manufacturing: The importance of speaking your language

In all of those partnering scenarios, it’s important to have a common understanding of your desired outcomes, so you can ensure you’re all speaking the same language, which helps shorten the time to value. Manufacturing is shifting towards industry-specific applications and these applications are now nearly always delivered in the cloud to maximize adoption, flexibility, availability, and security, and more.

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Mai Dubai -quickest- bottled-water-production-plant -techxmedia

Mai Dubai introduces the region’s quickest bottled water production plant

Mai Dubai’s collaboration with Sidel comes at a time of increased consumer demand for bottled drinking water products in the region. The maximum output achieved in less time meeting the need of local communities without compromising hygiene, safety, and cost optimization with a major step towards Mai Dubai’s efforts to minimize waste of resources, especially during the water bottling process.

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Pirelli - Padel League- UAE - techxmedia

Pirelli launches official Padel League to the UAE

Pirelli will conduct many activities over the next competitions to remind people about the importance of tyre safety in adverse weather. Pirelli offer a T-scan at tournament venues, providing spectators with a free tyre inspection and comprehensive status report while highlighting the T-scan. The T-scan uses laser technology to provide a computerised report on the condition of the tyres.

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Michelle-Duerst,-Gartner - techxmedia

Gartner identifies top 5 business trends in manufacturing for 2021

“The first response to the global pandemic for many manufacturers was to go digital in their operations as fast as possible, The trends identified by Gartner can help manufacturing CIOs prepare for similar future disruptions in the long run and mitigate challenges such as lack of customer touchpoints, entering new markets or product lines and financial distress,” said Michelle Duerst.

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