Zain Kuwait - Ericsson - BSS - 5G standalone charging - 5G service - Business Support Systems - Techxmedia

Zain Kuwait opts Ericsson to update BSS to support 5G standalone charging

Eaman Al Roudhan said: “Through our partnership with Ericsson on their BSS solutions we are building a digital infrastructure backbone that soon help us deliver high-performance and reliable 5G services to residents and enterprises across the country. Moreover, with 5G driving, we look forward to leverage connectivity to play a vital role in the digital transformation journey of Kuwait.”

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Du - Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company - EITC - SIRA - Security Industry - Regulatory Agency - MoU - UAE - Memorandum of Understanding - Techxmedia

du signs MoU with SIRA to enhance services in the UAE

H.E.Khalifa Ibrahim Al Saleis said: “This partnership will consolidate existing security functions with new capabilities into a joint, integrated entity as both parties share knowledge and expertise. Through our collaboration with du, we plan to improve services provided by both companies and solidify industry partnerships, which are extremely vital for UAE’s digital economy, accelerating innovation, and supporting an entrepreneurial ecosystem.”

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OIC-CERT 5G Security WG - 5G Security Framework - TECHXMEDIA

OIC-CERT 5G Security WG completes the new 5G Security Framework

Eng. Badar Ali Al-Salehi, the Chairman of the OIC-CERT said, “It has been eluded on many platforms and occasions that the only way to solve the ever increasing cybersecurity challenge is through collaboration. The OIC-CERT 5G Security working group affirms this viewpoint and we are seeing remarkable progress in addressing some of the security concerns around 5G in general.”

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Saudi Arabia Ministry of Culture - Salam - Red Sea International Film Festival - techxmedia

Salam glorifies Red Sea International Film Festival success

Salam congratulated the Ministry of Culture and event organizers on the 2021 Red Sea International Film Festival. Salam singled out the organization’s efforts at national level, praising its work in development, transformation, and alignment with the Quality of Life Program. The Program strives to improve the quality of life for Saudi citizens and visitors alike under the Vision 2030 framework.

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Omantel updates Optiva Charging Engine to a cloud-native architecture

“With Optiva as our partner, we feel confident to execute our digital transformation strategy and play our role in the Oman 2040 vision. Optiva’s cloud-native technology leadership and automation framework will allow us to launch services faster as we embark on the next phase of our growth with 5G and new digital services,” said Samy Ghassany, COO of Omantel.

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