Cisco empowers hybrid work with new Webex devices and features

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Cisco has expanded its collaboration device lineup and released new updates to enable hybrid working. The three new updates joining the Webex device portfolio include the launch of the Cisco Desk Camera 1080p, Webex Room Bar and new features added to the Desk Series portfolio.

As hybrid work becomes more common and employees become less physically centralized, new solutions aim to foster a natural connection when some participants are in the office while others are at home, while also nurturing creativity and reducing the environmental impact of the workplace.

Personalized Hot Desking

In this new world of work, offices have a different look: more flexible desks and shared seating. In order for employees not to lose the feeling of ‘personal’ space, Cisco makes hotdesking a personal experience.

Users can book an available Webex device with their profile, and then access their calendar meetings, whiteboards, and recent calls. The solution works across the full range of Desk Series Collaboration devices, including Webex Desk Pro (all-in-one) and in a modular way through the Webex Desk Hub.

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To facilitate more inclusive hybrid meetings, the previously announced real-time translation for more than 100 languages ​​available on Webex devices is now complemented by simultaneous interpretation. Meetings are translated by a live interpreter, and companies can overcome geographic and language barriers.

The new Cisco Desk Camera 1080p connects to the Webex Desk Hub natively. The camera has omnidirectional microphones and face detection to provide the best focus, autoexposure, and white balance in a low-cost package that allows you to see and hear clearly.

Immersive video conferencing anywhere

The new Webex Room Bar is a small, flexible, and powerful room device that can provide immersive, multi-platform video conferencing to huddle spaces and small-to-medium sized meeting rooms.

The device employs artificial intelligence to ensure that everyone in the room is perfectly framed, giving all participants equal presence on the call—regardless of where they work. Spatial audio creates the illusion of dispersed team members in the room. AI-enabled background noise removal reduces distractions and ensures that participants can hear clearly and without strain.

The new Webex Room Bar is lighter and thinner, with easy disassembly and recycling in mind. The device and its packaging use far fewer materials: no box packaging, single-use foam containers, or redundant parts.

Integration and Customization

Collaboration technology should also make it easier for multiple teams to share content. Webex Room, Desk, and Board devices will support Airplay content sharing through RoomOS 11 and Miracast wireless content sharing from Windows devices.

Similarly, Webex users can now customize their devices’ interfaces. Kiosk Mode, a feature that allows businesses to replace the native user interface with their own custom web application, will be supported by the Webex Desk range.

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