COP28 Highlights 100+ Climate Tech Innovators

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Over 100 innovative climate tech startups are currently presenting their solutions at the UAE’s Start Up Village in the Green Zone of COP28. Spanning various sectors such as sustainable transport, agriculture, and solar energy, these startups are offering groundbreaking ideas to contribute to a low-carbon future.

The diverse array of showcased solutions underscores COP28’s role as a pivotal platform for advancing sustainable technologies. The COP28 Presidency underscores the crucial role of the private sector and technology in scaling up climate action. Climate technologies have the potential to significantly boost global growth and reduce up to 25 billion tonnes of carbon emissions annually.

Recognizing the need for breakthrough technologies, the COP28 Presidency emphasizes the urgency of research and development to lower costs for both existing and emerging technologies. To enhance private sector involvement, COP28 hosts a dedicated Technology and Innovation Hub, providing a valuable space for sharing best practices and highlighting contributions to address the climate crisis.

Among the startups featured at the Startup Village, Mazi Mobility, a Kenyan-based company, focuses on sustainable transport to align with the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement. They have partnered with the Zayed Sustainability Prize for an electric bike journey from Nairobi to Dubai, symbolizing a commitment to global sustainable practices.

Arizona-based SolarSpace introduces advanced solar energy technology at COP28, featuring the M8 solar tracker, offering efficient solar power generation with innovative sublimation methods.

RedSea tackles global food security through sustainable agriculture, significantly reducing water and energy usage. Their technology enables profitable farming in arid conditions and extends growing seasons, contributing to water conservation and emissions reduction.

FlyNow Aviation GmbH revolutionizes urban mobility with lightweight electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL), providing eco-friendly transport for cargo and passengers over short distances.

PLATFARM, a UAE-based agritech company, employs AI and satellite imagery to optimize irrigation and reduce reliance on fertilizers and pesticides, enhancing crop management for a more sustainable agricultural future in the MENA region.

GARBALISER transforms biowaste into liquid natural fertilizer and renewable water, contributing to eco-friendly agriculture and water resource management.

ECOLOO pioneers sustainable sanitation technology, showcasing an enclosed, waterless system at COP28 that converts waste into odor-free liquid fertilizer for organic farming, saving water and eliminating sewage costs.

The Startup Village is open to the public from December 3rd to 12th in the Green Zone, serving as a central hub for showcasing and advancing climate solutions. The Green Zone welcomes attendees from the public, private sectors, media, youth, NGOs, as well as delegates and guests of the UNFCCC-managed Blue Zone for two weeks, with entry by invitation only from December 1st to 3rd.

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