Egyptian fintech firm Fawry opens its new HQ in Smart Village

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Fawry, Egypt’s e-payment and Fintech service provider, launched its new HQ “Fawry Quantum Building” locates in the Smart Village in a grand ceremony, attended by Egypt’s Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Dr Amr Talaat and bunch of Banking, Telecom and IT community leaders and representatives.

Fawry Quantum Building is a huge step forward in the company’s illustrious history in the Egyptian market over the past few years, and it is a significant leap that keeps pace with the extraordinary growth it has attained in terms of business and employment measurements across all of its sectors.

The new headquarters for Fawry is built with cutting-edge architectural designs on a site that is over 3000 metres in size and features modern, hip, and stylish decor.

According to Fawry CEO, Eng Shafiq Sabry, the new office offers employees a distinctive working environment that is consistent with the company’s vision and long-term goals. The office design follows a flexible workspace system, avoiding the traditional office layout, which contributes to the smoothness and transparency of daily work flows.

The building has both open meeting rooms for connectivity with staff and team members as well as calm and isolated spaces for mediation and thinking activities. The place also is equipped with a dedicated area for entertainment and has a library that includes a diverse collection of hundreds of books.

The new HQ gives a great work environment for the staff of Fawry to be flexible, productive and work easily which later reflects on the Fawry services provided to its clients.

The new HQ also reinforces Fawry’s strategy that focuses on expanding its footprint in the local market and its commitment to avail the best innovative technologies by doubling its efforts and enhancing its capabilities to support the country’s financial inclusion and digital transformation strategies that target achieving an integrated digital community under Egypt Vision 2030.

Shafiq Sabry said “We have continuous growth and expanding goals. Thus, we have recently and accordingly managed to double our workforce to reach 500 employees in the Tech sector, which is responsible for designing and executing Fawry’s solutions, services and software products. All of that placed us at the top among the Tech companies in the local market in terms of the number of employees, as well as the Fawry portfolio of extended solutions and services.”


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