Emirates Airlines and Huawei elevate travel experience at HDC 2023

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The Huawei Developer Conference 2023 (HDC.Together) unfolded between August 4th and 6th, featuring a keynote address by Richard Yu, the Executive Director, CEO of the Consumer BG, and CEO of the Intelligent Automotive Solution BU. A special acknowledgment was made to the Emirates Airline App during this event, applauding its successful integration with Huawei’s ecosystem over the preceding three years. Notably, the Emirates Airline App recently introduced compatibility with Huawei’s smartwatches, allowing passengers to employ QR codes as digital boarding passes. Within a month of this innovation, downloads of both the Emirates Mobile App and Watch App surged by 33% and 51%, respectively. At the conference, Huawei and Emirates Airline reaffirmed their dedicated partnership aimed at delivering optimum customer experiences.

The longstanding collaboration between Emirates Airline and Huawei began in early 2020, with the Emirates Airline App being formally introduced on the AppGallery platform. A year later, in July 2021, the app expanded its reach to the HUAWEI WATCH 3 Series, empowering users to conveniently access flight information and ticket bookings directly from their smartwatches. With the seamless integration onto the HUAWEI WATCH 4 Series, the app has now taken a significant stride in augmenting traveler experiences. In addition to managing flight details, users can now utilize QR codes as boarding passes, eliminating the need for physical phones during boarding. This year, Emirates Airline and Huawei renewed their MoU, showcasing their shared vision of further innovation and the development of a robust, locally relevant software ecosystem.

In the first quarter of the current year, Emirates and Huawei renewed their MoU, with the signing witnessed by distinguished individuals including Mr. He Gang, COO of Huawei Consumer Business Group; Pablo Ning, Regional President, MEA, Huawei Consumer Business Group; Boutros Boutros, Emirates Divisional Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications, Marketing, and Brand; and Orhan Abbas, Emirates Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations, Far East (MoU signatory).

The remarkable outcomes achieved through the Emirates Airline App underscore the transformative potential of partnering with Huawei and integrating within the AppGallery ecosystem. By harnessing Huawei’s rapidly expanding ecosystem, businesses can deliver an enriched experience to their clientele. Huawei remains committed to its core values of technological innovation, ecosystem inclusivity, and fostering collaborative opportunities with global partners.

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