Hisense unleashes next-gen 100-inch Trichroma Laser TV in Middle East

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Hisense has announced the launch of the 100L9G Trichroma Laser TV, the newest addition to their exceptional entertainment offering. Hisense is pioneers in the Laser TV market, with over 1300 applied patents ranging from 2K to 4K, single color to triple color, and continue to manufacture cutting-edge technologies.

“We want to be ahead of the curve when it comes to smart Laser TVs with 4K UHD resolution, as the demand for immersive, big screen TV experience continues to grow,” says Jason Ou, Managing Director of Hisense Middle East and North Africa.

He added, “We are continuing to build on our potential, innovate, and dedicate ourselves to delivering cutting-edge solutions to develop and expand the Laser TV segment in the Middle East.”

The 100L9G Trichroma Laser TV sets the bar for future TV colour, featuring triple laser technology for improved colour representation and brightness uniformity, resulting in superior picture quality and images that are more closely resembling what human eyes see. Consumers may now enjoy vibrant, ultra-realistic, and lifelike visuals thanks to a larger colour gamut and enhancements in the Trichroma laser engine that offer more true and natural colours. With over 8 million pixels and an accuracy that exceeds the conventional UHD 4K colour spectrum, the 100L9G Trichroma Laser TV creates an unrivalled viewing experience.

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Hisense has released the second edition of its Laser TV line with the goal of “bringing home, the cinema” through ongoing innovation and revisions in their Laser TV technology. Customers seeking an immersive, almost theater-like watching experience with a large screen will like the 100-inch advancement in the Laser TV series. The ultra-short-throw Trichroma Laser TV projects a colourful and bright 4K image onto a 100-inch ambient light rejection screen built for watching in all types of lighting in any room of the house, with high-quality visuals that can even be watched from a short distance away. Those wishing to build a dedicated home theatre with the ultimate big TV and immersive viewing experience will enjoy unrivalled colour accuracy and wide viewing angles, resulting in visuals that are close to “real life quality.”

The 100L9G TrichromaLaser TV’s new, enhanced technology allows the consumer to enjoy the home cinema experience with images that are crisper, brighter, and exhibited in their genuine colours, just as the director intended. The L9G Laser TV is a wonderful option for your next large screen update, with premium features like strong Dolby Atmos® sound, VIDAA U4.0 Smart OS, 4K Ultra HD, 2800 lumens brightness, Filmmaker Mode, and Built-in Tunerready.

The L9G Trichroma Laser TV is meant to be easy on the eyes, with low blue light emission to assist decrease eyestrain when watching for long periods of time, and the laser light beam brightness diminishing when objects are close to the TV console.

The 100-inchL9G Laser TV’s customisation availability for frame and motorised cabinet and pricing is available on request.To learn more about Hisense visit https://hisenseme.com/.


  • 4K Ultra-Short Throw – Positioned just inches from the wall, the L9G Laser TV casts a massive image at beautiful 4K resolution. Up to 3.5x more screen than a 65-inch TV.
  • Trichroma Laser Engine – The L9G uses pure red, green and blue lasers to achieve new levels of color performance, reaching color gamut 145% (typical NTSC standard)
  • High Dynamic Range – With a brightness of 2800 Lumens, L9G’s High Dynamic Range delivers incredible specular highlights and depth of color, to give every scene the stunning details it deserves.
  • Smooth Motion – The Digital Micromirror Device reacts faster to movement than LED or OLED, creating motion that’s smoother than any other type of display. MEMC Technology helps too, making fast-action in sports, movies and games more fluid.
  • Eye-Safety (And Kid Resilient) – The L9G features a proximity sensor that shuts off the laser light source when a moving body gets too close. This protects the eyes and is also a great feature to stop the little ones from placing items on the laser console. Users also have the option to turn off the eye-safety feature.
  • Long Lifespan – X-Fusion™ laser light technology provides up to 25,000+ hours of entertainment without the need of replacing a bulb – because there is none.
  • Ambient Light Rejecting Screen – The included UST ALR screen is perfectly paired with the L9G projector to produce a color accurate picture with incredible viewing angles and brightness uniformity.
  • VIDAATV OS – VIDAA TV OS brings more than 400+ apps and games to the biggest screen in the home. Not only global apps like Netflix,YouTube,Amazon Prime video,NBA, Facebook video, apple tv (coming soon), VIDAA also have a lot of local apps like Shahid VIP, OSN, Weyyak, Al Arabiya, Starzplay (coming soon).
  • Dolby Atmos® – L9G’s 40W Dolby Atmos sound reveals every detail of the audio mix with unparalleled clarity and depth. A high-speed HDMI port with eARC also allows pass-through so users can enjoy high bitrate audio through their home theater.

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