HP accelerates the future of work with powerful cloud experiences


In the context of a rapidly changing and connected world, HP is elevating its commitment to purpose-built cloud devices with the introduction of new Chrome Enterprise and thin client solutions.

Today’s workforce desires powerful, secure, and hassle-free cloud-centric devices as they adapt to the new realities of working from home or in the office. The use of VDI and web-based applications has continued to rise around the world and COVID-19 has accelerated this shift. As a result, IT professionals are faced with managing, deploying, scaling, and securing cloud endpoints to a geographically dispersed workforce, in a rapidly growing virtual environment.

HP announced sleek, purpose-built HP cloud devices, reinvented for frontline workers, home and office navigators, and mobile trailblazers, designed with powerful AMD Ryzen™ Mobile Processors and powerful Intel Core 10th generation processors, that IT can rapidly deploy, secure and manage, with premium experiences their workforce will appreciate.

Simple, Scalable and Secure Chrome Solutions for Business Users

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HP expanded its Chromebook portfolio with the HP Pro c645 Chromebook Enterprise powered by the newest AMD Ryzen™ C-Series Mobile Processor. Delivering a premium experience for business users, the Pro c645 provides enhanced multitasking and graphic performance, giving users a smooth experience with multi-media production and video conferencing. Wi-Fi 6 delivers 3x faster speeds and up to 4x capacity (compared to Wi-Fi 5) making users more productive with the ability to connect regardless of where they are. It features elevated security and privacy from the inside out starting with Chrome OS that’s inherently secure, an HP Privacy Camera with shutter to quickly open and close for personal privacy, and an optional fingerprint sensor that securely unlocks the device in a flash. Empowered with the Chrome Enterprise Upgrade, the Pro c645 provides enterprise-class manageability and security with outstanding simplicity to save IT departments time and money.

HP Chromebox Enterprise G3-techxmedia
HP Chromebox Enterprise G3

The HP Chromebox Enterprise G3, built with the enterprise capabilities of Chrome OS unlocked, is a compact, scalable Chrome device for desk-based frontline, or work-from-home users, that is easy to deploy, secure, and manage through the Google Admin Console. These mission-critical workers can manage their heavy workloads with speed and confidence with the breakthrough performance of an 10th Gen Intel® Processor and faster SSD storage. Its small, mountable design is optimized for maximum versatility and delivers a full PC experience from a Chromebox. It delivers a full PC experience with plenty of ports and support for dual 4K displays with convenient power pass-through directly from the display and Wi-Fi 6 for fast, stable connections.

Driving Seamless Transitions to Virtual Workspaces

As enterprise organizations continue to adopt virtualization platforms, COVID-19 creates the need to mobilize workers with highly secure, simple to manage solutions that delight IT and users alike.

HP mt46 Mobile Thin Client-techxmedia
HP mt46 Mobile Thin Client

The HP mt46 Mobile Thin Client delivers premium experiences with comfortable design, reliable enterprise security and serviceability, and productive connectivity. Enhanced security features like HP Sure Start and Sure View Reflect allow users the flexibility to work anywhere without the worry of leaking confidential information through visual hacking and BIOS attacks. Built with AMD Ryzen™ PRO 4000 Series Mobile Processors with DDR4-2666 Memory and powered by Windows 10 IoT or HP’s ThinPro OS, the device can handle heavy workloads with snappy performance when multitasking. Users can stay connected with Wi-Fi 6 and charged up with a high-density battery pack to keep them productive throughout the day. Amp up the quality of conference calls with a wide-view HD camera that delivers crisp and clear video, a world-facing microphone that lets users be heard, and Audio by Bang & Olufsen that delivers superb audio quality , even when moving around their workspace. The HP mt46 includes HP Privacy Camera, optional fingerprint sensor, and auto-brightness adjustment for better security and productivity.

HP mt32 Mobile Thin Client-techxmedia
HP mt32 Mobile Thin Client

With a starting weight less than 1 kg and a 13-inch diagonal screen, the HP mt32 Mobile Thin Client enables secure workforce mobility. Powered by the Ryzen™ 4000 Series Mobile Processor and Windows 10 IoT, the device provides multi-layered security, reliable connectivity, and powerful processing—at a price that’s easy to justify. The auto-brightness adjustment on the display makes it much easier to see in low light and outdoor environments, while WWAN connectivity and long battery life allows users to multi-task all day, while accessing apps quickly, and keeping users productive anywhere the day takes them. With the HP mt32 Mobile Thin Client, users have integrated security and privacy capabilities like HP Sure View Reflect and an HP Privacy Camera with shutter that eases concerns about the possibility of data being visually hacked or privacy being invaded.

HP t540 Thin Client
HP t540 Thin Client -techxmedia
HP t540 Thin Client

The HP t540 Thin Client provides frontline workers with a secure and compact desktop VDI solution that delivers ultimate flexibility for placement anywhere – as workspaces are becoming smaller, open, or multi-purpose. Built for everyday use and powered by the AMD Ryzen™ Embedded R1305 Processor and Windows 10 IoT, this robust device boosts productivity by enabling multi-tasking and effective collaboration, and keeps them connected with reliable Wi-Fi 6 connectivity. A single USB-C cable connected to a future-proof docking display provides a clean desk solution, keeping workspaces professional and tidy.

HP also announced HP ThinPro 7.2,its next-gen cloud-focused OS, purpose-built to deliver a flexible and secure cloud experience. Users can connect with lag-free, seamless communications over VDI or cloud through their choice of major unified communications platform. And IT organizations can ensure worry-free, work from anywhere computing with the latest enhanced security features like SecureBoot Signing. 

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