HP announces go-live of Amplify Partner Program

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HP Inc. announced the go-live of HP Amplify™ for commercial partners, a first-of-its-kind global channel partner program announced earlier this year. Optimized to drive dynamic partner growth and deliver consistent end-customer experiences, HP Amplify provides the insights, capabilities and collaboration tools needed to drive growth and thrive in today’s competitive market.

Built on one integrated structure with two distinct tracks – Synergy and Power – HP Amplify removes complexity, making it easier for partners to take advantage of its many benefits while engaging with customers on a deeper level. With 99 percent of commercial revenue partners now registered, the company is on track to enable partners with the right capabilities and insights required to serve customers as a segment of one.

For additional details on HP Amplify, visit the HP Press Center.


What Partners Around the World have to say About HP Amplify:

“The Amplify program will provide Imagetec with a competitive advantage in the markets we serve – this is exactly what we have been waiting for HP to do.”

– Rich Cucco, Managing Partner, Imagetec, US

  • “HP’s new partner program provides the guidance, tools and incentives to move us into this new world of services led engagement.”

– Harry Zarek, President, Compugen, Canada

  • “This is undoubtedly a program that aligns our business with the new needs of customers through deep collaboration and better digital capabilities.”

– Juan Carlos González Dipp, General Manager, Compucad, Mexico

  • “HP Amplify is designed to reward partners, not just on business transaction volume, but also on value-added services and new capabilities like digital preparedness.”

– Rudolph Ng, CEO of Phil-Data Business Systems, Philippines

  •  “An emphasis on collaboration and data sharing will drive better customer outcomes and experiences. I have placed my bet on HP and the results speak for themselves.”

– Janto Lim, Managing Director, Centre Com, Australia

  • “HP Amplify provides a higher level of collaboration, support and rewards to help us grow our business through sharing rich customer data that will yield more business opportunities.”

– Sean Salins, VP of Sales, Colamco, United States.


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