Huawei Unveils Cutting-Edge ICT Innovations at LEAP 2024 in Riyadh

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Huawei, a global ICT solutions brand, announces its groundbreaking showcase at LEAP 2024, the premier ICT exhibition held in Riyadh from March 4th to 7th, 2024. Organized under the patronage of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MCIT), this year’s event, themed “Connected Intelligent World,” witnessed Huawei’s unveiling of transformative ICT innovations poised to revolutionize industries in Saudi Arabia and beyond.

As the ICT Innovation Partner for LEAP 2024, Huawei showcased its commitment to driving intelligent transformation across diverse sectors. Eric Yang, CEO of Huawei Saudi Arabia, expressed enthusiasm about the event, stating, “LEAP 2024 serves as an invaluable platform for us to showcase Huawei’s commitment to driving intelligent transformation across diverse sectors. We are excited to reveal our latest ICT innovations, which will empower enterprises to thrive in the cloud-native 2.0 era and unlock new levels of efficiency and competitiveness.”

Attendees at LEAP 2024 had the opportunity to explore Huawei’s comprehensive portfolio of enterprise products and solutions, spanning data communication, storage, optical networking, wireless technology, and intelligent collaboration. The exhibition highlighted how these innovations are reshaping industries such as public utilities, finance, energy, transportation, manufacturing, ISPs, and SMBs.

Moreover, LEAP 2024 facilitated knowledge exchange and collaboration among industry visionaries, business leaders, and technical experts. Discussions centered around leveraging advanced technologies for digital transformation across various sectors.

Huawei also unveiled its “Accelerating Industrial Intelligence” strategy, aimed at ushering in a transformative era of multi-modal content generation and universal AI capabilities. The integration of cloud and AI technologies underscored Huawei’s commitment to developing a full-stack AI capability tailored to the telecom industry.

Sustainability was another focal point, with Huawei emphasizing its commitment to reducing carbon emissions, promoting renewable energy, and contributing to a circular economy. Additionally, Huawei reiterated its dedication to supporting SMEs with tailor-made products and solutions to simplify their digital transformation journeys.

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