IDC Launches 2024 Middle East CIO Summit on ‘AI Everywhere’ Future

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In the wake of groundbreaking developments in Generative AI (GenAI), the technological landscape is undergoing rapid transformation. The International Data Corporation (IDC) projects that global spending on AI-centric systems will surpass $300 billion annually by 2026.

As GenAI disrupts the traditional IT landscape, leaders in the field are assuming increasingly strategic and collaborative roles. Reporting structures have adapted, and the mandates of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) have expanded, positioning them as key drivers of organizational transformation. With AI permeating services, products, and experiences, IT leaders are pivotal in ensuring its seamless integration into everyday life.

Amidst this dynamic shift, the IDC Middle East CIO Summit is set to return to Dubai on February 21–22, 2024, to redefine digitalization strategies for an ‘AI Everywhere’ future. The summit, themed ‘The Future of IT: Rethinking Digitalization for an AI Everywhere World,’ will delve into this transformative phase, offering crucial insights on navigating AI’s impact across industries.

Jyoti Lalchandani,

IDC’s Group Vice President and Regional Managing Director.

“It is no longer a choice but a necessity for organizations aiming to maintain competitive parity. Forward-thinking governments and digitally savvy entities are prioritizing AI to drive innovation, enhance customer experiences, and optimize operational efficiencies”

The IDC Middle East CIO Summit 2024 will showcase proven strategies for establishing data-centric platforms, migrating to cloud infrastructure, governing cloud economics, redefining security and digital trust, and investing in skills development. It will serve as a vital platform for IT leaders to comprehend their evolving roles in an AI-infused landscape, offering expert guidance on navigating challenges, adapting to shifting business environments, and crafting innovative solutions.

Discussions at the summit will span diverse topics, including orchestrating digital infrastructure, DevOps strategies, predictive analytics, enterprise IT transformation, low-code/no-code platforms, omnichannel experiences, cybersecurity policies, technology buyer trends, application modernization, and the readiness of foundations for the AI and tech revolution. Other topics include effective hybrid cloud deployment, measuring sustainability beyond CEO agendas, creating digital resilient enterprises, and architecting tech success.

The IDC Middle East CIO Summit 2024 will host influential tech leaders, experts, and visionaries from the region. To learn more about this transformative experience, contact Sheila Manek at / +971 4 446 3154.

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