Instagram launches new tools to recover hacked accounts

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Instagram has introduced two new features or tools to help users. Let’s take a look at these tools 

Recover hacked account

Recovering hacked accounts has always been a hassle for users and unfortunately, hackers and threat actors are always a step ahead. However, meta-owned Instagram released ‘a new, comprehensive destination people can rely on to report and resolve account access issues.’

Users can log into via their mobiles or desktop browser when having issues with the account. Then Instagram will query you as to why you cannot access your account. Instagram will then urge you to perform several steps to fix the problem depending on which option you select. One method is to ask two of your friends to confirm your identification so you may regain access to your account. This tool, which Instagram started testing earlier in 2022, is now accessible to anyone with an Instagram account. 

Notes on Instagram

According to Instagram, notes are a “new way to share your thoughts and see what your friends are up to.” 

The tool supports text and emojis like any other chat app and notes can be used as instant messaging conversation as users can reply to the notes.

Users can quickly start conversations with friends or publish succinct views on the social network using Instagram Notes. You can only use up to 60 characters in Notes, which is similar to Twitter’s character limit. The Notes, though, won’t last forever. They only last for 24 hours after you submit them, which is a brief lifespan. 

Users must choose their Close Friends list or the people they follow from the top of their Inbox to use Notes. Write a note, and it will be shown at the top of their Inbox for a full 24 hours. Their desired responses will arrive as DMs in your Inbox.

No notification will be sent when notes are made. If users need to see notes from their friends they need to open Instagram. Seeing someone else’s Notes is just as easy, assuming those users included you in the group that can see their Notes.

The 60-character message can only be seen in its entirety by tapping on the symbols because the bubbles are too small to display the complete text of a Note. Users can respond to the note, in which case the interaction turns into an Instagram chat.

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