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Lenovo delivers with edge-to-cloud capabilities for data center transformation

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Lenovo has announced enhancements to its hyperconverged infrastructure platform and services capabilities, empowering companies to focus on their business, rather than their IT infrastructure. The offerings are backed by trusted Lenovo advisors with thousands of implementation projects under their belts, ready to help customers master their edge-to-cloud digital transformation strategy.
Dr Chris Cooper, Director and General Manager, Lenovo Infrastructure Solutions Group MEA, explores the company’s latest offerings and their potential business impact.
A new suite of edge-to-cloud advisory and implementation services help customers understand where they are on their digital transformation journey and which custom solution matches their unique workloads.
We start with Principal Consultant-led workshops, which are white boarding sessions that help application and platform teams navigate options and choose appropriate paths for their unique needs. The workshops are customized, interactive, and collaborative. New workshops include topics like SQL Server 2019 Migration and Microsoft Azure Migration.
New Advisory and Design services include VMware Cloud Foundation Design and Deployment, Hybrid Cloud Assessment, Hybrid Cloud Azure Migration Design Service and Hybrid Cloud Implementation Services. Lenovo’s long-standing relationship and technology innovations with Vmware provides customers with future-ready capabilities to build a digital foundation to accelerate cloud transformation – with a single, easy-to-manage, hyperconverged platform.
For customers who are working with extremely large data sets, Lenovo introduces the first and only 4U 8-socket SAP HANA Certified hyperconverged platform available with Vmware vSAN. The ThinkAgile VX solution allows customers to run and manage very large SAP HANA databases in parallel with other workloads on a fully virtualized platform.
The enhanced ThinkAgile VX7820 8 socket system with twice the number of processors and direct connect NVMe with up to 5x faster load times provides the capacity to increase the size and quantity of VMs running SAP workloads enabling larger virtual SAP HANA database deployments which drive accelerated insights generation and decision making.  
Lenovo focuses on improving the overall management of all of the ThinkAgile VX HCI solutions.
The new key features that will benefit customers include a 75% faster deployment of a new VX cluster in less than 4-hours compared to 16-hours, with a wizard-based deployment tool, ongoing management streamlined with operational intelligence to proactively monitor and optimize cluster health and performance from Vmware vRealize Operations, easy-to-follow alerts to greatly simplify virtual-to-physical mapping of hardware with visual enhancements added to Vmware vCenter, and a greatly simplified lifecycle management via vSphere Lifecycle Manager (vLCM) that enables upgrades of Vmware software and Lenovo ThinkAgile VX series firmware with a single tool.
Co-innovating on hyperconverged infrastructure with Lenovo partners such as Nutanix enables customers to run apps and workloads on a single platform with enhanced availability, performance, and simplicity – extending their knowledge base beyond core datacenter to the true edge.
To help customers process their data closer to the source, the enhanced Lenovo ThinkAgile HX1021 edge solution provides built-in security enhancements to ensure customers can deploy the solution outside of the core data center at remote locations in many ways and trust their data is protected – from hanging on factory walls, to stacking on shelves at retail stores, to mounting a standard rack solution in remote office/branch office locations. Based on a 1U height, half-width and short depth, the edge server can go anywhere. The compact design of the solution allows new compute possibilities directly where the data is generated.
The solution offers a wider range of cores (8C, 12C, 16C) with GPU support for demanding workloads at the edge. The rugged edge server can handle temperatures from 0-55°C as well as tolerance to locations with high-dust and vibration. Lenovo ThinkShield Security offers added intrusion detection and tamper protection for physical security.
The Lenovo ThinkAgile MX series for Azure Stack HCI software and services are now available via Lenovo Cloud Marketplace allowing for easy acquisition. Together, Lenovo and Microsoft offer a seamless hybrid cloud experience with Azure Stack HCI integrated systems.
Digital transformation often calls for upgraded hardware, and the world produces more than 50 million tons of e-waste a year, weighing more than all the commercial airliners ever made. As the final step in the IT lifecycle journey, asset disposal can easily become a costly and resource-intensive problem for CIOs. Lenovo Asset Recovery Services (ARS) offers a single source solution for a more secure, documented disposition of IT assets and data. Lenovo experts will help develop a sustainable corporate disposition strategy for technology hardware, including servers.
ARS makes recycling e-waste simple and gives customers money back they can use for newer, better technology. For the first time, Lenovo teams will work together to provide a one-stop-shop for everything in Lenovo’s portfolio from cell phones to laptops to entire data centers and everything in between.
As with all of Lenovo’s new digital transformation offerings, customers have the option to implement their new solutions as an as-a-Service model via Lenovo TruScale Infrastructure Services. Built on Lenovo’s Enterprise ThinkSystem and ThinkAgile portfolio, it can tackle any workload or deployment size with the advantage of a pay-as-you-go business model that can scale with organization growth for ultimate flexibility.
Lenovo TruScale offers cloud like functionality with all the control and security of an on-premises solution. Purpose built, from the ground-up – to solve challenges customers actually face, like additional capacity ready-to-go without having to pay up-front for overprovisioning, that is often a characteristic of the traditional IT procurement approach. 
There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution as companies work through their digital transformation journeys. We understand the unique challenges that each CIO and IT decision maker faces and that is why we are deeply committed to constantly improving our hardware and services to evolve alongside each customer.



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