Lenovo’s Tab Wear: Fashion Meets Tech for Ultimate ‘Me Time’

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Lenovo has recently revealed a groundbreaking collaboration with renowned fashion designers RANRA, Kit Wan Studios, and Maium, introducing the revolutionary Lenovo Tab Wear Collection as a proof-of-concept. This distinctive and functional collection seamlessly integrates a Lenovo tablet device into the fabric of each garment, catering to the concept of ‘me time.

In response to the evident societal desire for dedicated personal time, often challenging to prioritize, Lenovo’s Tab Wear Collection aims to facilitate moments of relaxation and personal well-being. The garments, designed for ‘me time,’ allow users to immerse themselves in leisure activities, such as watching shows, engaging with social media, or pursuing creative projects, both indoors and outdoors.

Recognizing the increasing emphasis on wellness and self-care, Lenovo envisions the Tab Wear Collection as a means to extend ‘me time’ beyond the confines of the home. Emily Ketchen, VP and CMO of Intelligent Devices Group and International Markets at Lenovo, expressed, “Tech and fashion are both constantly evolving, innovating, and adapting to our changing society. The Lenovo Tab Wear Collection is a creative example of seamlessly integrating technology into multipurpose outerwear for ‘me time.’”

Each designer contributed their unique creativity and style to the Lenovo Tab Wear Collection, resulting in one-of-a-kind garments that exemplify the convergence of style and technology. The designs include:

– RANRA, a London and Reykjavík-based outerwear designer team, crafted a noise and light-canceling anorak with an isolation hood and a packable tablet harness for immersive focus during travel.

– Kit Wan Studios, an independent menswear designer based in Hong Kong, created a modular techno-armor exo-skeleton, seamlessly integrating technology into streetwear.

– Maium, an Amsterdam-based brand focusing on fashionable, functional, and weather-ready pieces, designed a jacket that transforms into an inflatable hammock, perfect for outdoor relaxation.

Emily Ketchen emphasized, “The Lenovo Tab Wear Collection proves that fashion and technology can complement each other to create better everyday experiences. They are more than just custom modern garments with a Lenovo tablet; they are reimagined possibilities for today’s world.”

Furthermore, each designer incorporated mindful designs into their creations. RANRA utilized recycled textiles and trims, Kit Wan Studios emphasized collaboration with local trade and small-batch collaborators, and Maium’s design is constructed from recycled polyester with a bionic finish eco layer, handmade by certified manufacturers. The result is an experimental concept collection that enhances entertainment and transportability with a focus on style and mindfulness.

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