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LG Electronics (LG) has launched its most advanced and spectacular TV portfolio to yet, with the company’s outstanding 2022 OLED TVs taking center stage. LG’s latest models are set to elevate the viewing and user experience like never before, with strong image technology and an updated webOS that offers even more smart features and services.


LG OLED TV has changed the premium TV segment to become the first option for millions of consumers globally, having led the global premium TV market for nine years and counting and being a CES Innovation Award honoree for eight years in a row. To achieve perfect blacks, astonishingly natural colours, and limitless contrast, OLED TVs use self-lighting pixels that can be turned on and off individually. OLED, which lacks a backlight, is thinner and lighter than any previous display technology, allowing for novel form factors such as flexible and rollable televisions.

The new G2 series devices are in a class of their own, thanks to LG’s superior OLED panel. The OLED evo technology, which is available in the G2 and select C2 series, is the next step in OLED’s evolution, delivering increased brightness for ultra-realistic images with incredible clarity and detail. LG’s Brightness Booster technology, which is powered by the company’s new (Alpha) 9 Gen5 intelligent processor, allows G2 series TVs to produce even greater brightness thanks to increased heat dissipation and a more advanced algorithm.

To complement the 55-, 65-, and 77-inch TVs already in the range, LG’s 2022 G2 series offers a new 83-inch model and the world’s first 97-inch OLED model. With its appealing flush-to-the-wall Gallery Aesthetic, the LG G2 series offers a sophisticated design. For 2022, LG’s C2 series provides the widest range of screen sizes, with six in total: the world’s first 42-inch OLED TV, ideal for console and PC gaming, as well as 48, 55, 65, 77, and 83 inches. Thinner bezels on this OLED TV series provide a more immersive viewing experience while also making the TV look sleeker.

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Faster and Smarter

The 9 Gen5 is at the heart of majority of LG’s new TV models, and it uses deep learning to improve upscaling speed and give onscreen images a more three-dimensional feel by separating foreground and background elements. The LG AI Sound Pro feature on the 9 Gen 5 improves its ability to provide viewers with more lifelike audio, allowing the TVs’ built-in speakers to produce virtual 7.1.2 surround sound.

Upgraded UX

LG’s breakthrough Smart TV platform, in its latest edition, brings the user experience to life on LG’s new TVs, giving maximum convenience and easier content discovery. Personal profiles are a new feature in webOS 22 that allows users to have a more customised viewing experience. Users may set up quick access to their favourite streaming services, receive personalised content recommendations based on viewing history, and get real-time alerts to keep up with their favourite sports teams under each profile. Logging into profiles can be done using the TV website or via NFC Magic Tap on a smartphone. 

NFC Magic Tap can also be used to mirror the screen of a mobile device to an LG television. Viewers may also use Room To Room Share to mirror material from one TV to another in the house, which allows them to watch cable or satellite video on another TV through Wi-Fi without the need for a separate set-top box. Always Ready, which is also new for 2022, converts an LG TV into a media display while it is not in use. Always Ready, which is easily set up in the SETTINGS menu, transforms the screen into a digital canvas for showing artwork, keeping track of time, or playing music with a push of the power button on the LG Remote.

Furthermore, through upgradingThinQ AI, LG’s 2022 TVs will be able to function as actual smarthome hubs. ThinQ AI now supports Matter, a new industry standard for a more secure and seamlessly connected smart home, which will allow LG TVs to act as a controller for connected devices, in addition to providing consumers with easy voice control and compatibility with other ThinQ-powered devices.

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Outstanding Picture Quality

LG OLED TVs are praised by customers, tech experts, and Hollywood’s top celebrities, and they continue to raise the bar for visual quality. Intertek, a leading product testing firm, has verified the panels in the 2022 OLED lineups for 100% colour fidelity and 100% colour volume. LG OLED TVs are one of a kind in that they can match the colours in the original source content and accurately represent all colours, no matter how bright or dark the displayed images are. TÜVRheinland and Underwriters Laboratories have both verified all 2022 LG OLEDs as flicker-free and glare-free.

TÜVRheinland has acknowledged LG’s OLED panels for their low blue light performance, and they are the first in the world to meet Eyesafe’s low blue light emission criterion. Not only do LG TVs help artists appreciate their accuracy, but they also let customers see movies the way their creators intended because they were the first in 2021 to enable auto switching to Filmmaker Mode while watching Amazon Prime Video content.

Unmatched in Gaming

LG OLED has a long history of gaming firsts, including being the first OLED TV to support NVIDIA G-SYNC and the first 8K OLED TV to demonstrate 8K gaming with NVIDIA® GeForce RTXTM 30 Series graphics cards. LG OLED is an excellent choice for console and PC gamers, thanks to its 1 millisecond response time, low input lag, and up to four HDMI ports that enable several HDMI 2.1 capabilities. Gamers can start having fun right away by connecting a compatible controller to the NVIDIA GeForce NOW and Google Stadia cloud gaming platforms.

LG consumers may now choose and switch between game-specific features and display presets directly from the TV’s Game Optimizer menu, which is new for 2022. The new Dark Room Mode, which adjusts screen brightness for a better gaming experience when the lights are turned out, is accessible via the Game Optimizer menu. G-SYNC Compatible, FreeSync Premium, and variable refresh rate (VRR) settings may all be found in Game Optimizer. Furthermore, a new sports mode has been added to the presets for first-person shooter, role-playing, and real-time strategy games, adding even more realism.


LG is also announcing an extended QNED TV lineup for 2022, demonstrating its continued leadership in the LCD TV industry. The new range, which features LG’s proprietary Quantum Dot NanoCell technology, provides excellent colour reproduction with 100 percent colour volume. LG’s Precision Dimming Technology allows the LG QNED Mini LED TV to produce rich, accurate colours in both the brightest and darkest portions of a scene, resulting in incredible contrast. Starting with the QNED90 Series, all models are certified for 100 percent colour consistency, ensuring that viewers receive the same, high-quality image every time, regardless of viewing angle.


LG is also rethinking the role of television in 2022 with the addition of new services that make home entertainment more personal and engaging.

LIVENow — The award-winningLIVENow app provides users with access to online live concerts, shows, sports, and other premium live events in which they can both participate and watch. LG TV becomes a portal to new virtual experiences with LIVENow, allowing users to enjoy concerts with friends and family as well as fans from all over the world.

LG TV provides the 1MHomeDance app for individuals who want to dance like their favourite K-Pop idols. The software, which was developed in partnership with 1MILLION Dance Studio, one of K-most Pop’s well-known choreography teams, offers a variety of tutorials to assist users polish their routines. Users can check out their form while dancing with 1MILLION’s experienced choreographers in Camera Mode, or take a break, sit back, and watch their favourite dance video.

LG Fitness — LG is also launching LG Fitness, its first health platform, to assist people live a healthier lifestyle at home. Users can choose from a variety of options such as fast-paced HIIT, full-body stretching, or guided meditation, among others, to find the perfect workout plan based on the system’s recommendations or create their own by choosing from a variety of options such as fast-paced HIIT, full-body stretching, or guided meditation, among others, while keeping track of their activity and progress on the app’s dashboard.

Independa –With the addition of Independa, LG’s TVs may now enable users remotely care for family members or aid elders in becoming more self-sufficient. Independa, the first tele-healthcare service supported on LG TVs, has an easy-to-use interface that allows customers to start a video conversation with a caregiver or quickly access a menu of appropriate professional services. When someone calls, pop-up notifications appear, and personal alerts can be set up for further reminders. WebOS integrates all notifications and alerts, so they’re always only a glance away. Dentulu (online dental consultation), Capital Rx (cheap pharmaceutical platform), Coverdell (dental insurance benefits), WebMD (medical grade educational films), and Sprio100 (fitness programmes for seniors) are just a few of the professional services accessible on Independa.

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