Living spaces in the UAE are embracing automation

Smart Home Technology

By Hitesh Ojha, Head of AV Solutions, Sharaf DG

Home entertainment has been gaining momentum globally. Today, given the global pandemic and people confined to their abode a lot more, having the right entertainment, sound, and gaming systems have become a top priority for many.

Here in the UAE, homeowners take pride in decking out their place with the best of everything, and the affluent few,consciously want to go that extra mile to enhancetheir homes with bespoke and smart entertainment systems. This lure to enjoy a grand cinematic experience in your own home is very strong, and folks around the UAE have been taking the help of specialised service providers like DG+.

The buzz word is automated solutions, home, offices, yacht – there is no place that cannot do with a bespoke smart entertainment solution. Imagine walking into or living in a space that is designed to pamper you at every turn groove according to your moods.  Specialised audio/visual systems and game zones are being integratedwith the home automation, lighting control, climate control, and building automation – all the while staying on the cutting edge of the ever-changing world of technology. Yes, this is what is happing to living spaces in the UAE currently.

Customers are looking for elegant, premium and above all an integrated home entertainment solution, and top-notch brands, by working with brands like Antreas solutions, DG+ truly offers bespoke products and solutions that are world-class.  And not just homes, we the catching up at offices and commercial spaces as well.

The structure of sound is what makes or breaks an experience for many. If you are shelling out a small fortune on a private entertainment system, which by the way is truly worth it – you need a specialist who understands how to not only reproduce sound but do it in a manner that warms your inner soul.  Among the growing popularity is vinyl, and it’s not strange to read about CD’s being outsold and record players dotting up in homes, and in most cases become the centrepiece of a monstrous sound array. Gramophone aficionados all revel about how the sound comes across much fuller and analogue than the average digital reproduction.  There is a profound joy in listening to music as close to its purity as one possibly can – Wagner’s entry of the Gods into Valhalla, what better way to enjoy this classic masterpiece other than on a vinyl and Denon speakers.

There is a group of people who are particular about the technology, a fantastic brand is Polk Audio, an American brand, and let’s face it Seattle’s rock music or the scintillating Jazz from New Orleans is best enjoyed in some of Polk’s award-winning sound systems. Definitive Technologies, who pride in something called architectural sound, is another brand under DG+, that infuses sound into the very fibre of your home, hidden, subtle, and deliberate in bringing harmonies to life.

It’s not just sound, -gaming has taken a whole new dimension and the real connoisseurs are splashing out on rigs, sound systems to bring the games and its environment alive. DG+ have set up some amazing gaming zones across the UAE. FIFA football pitches, warzones, futuristic worlds, or racing tracks, they all come alive in UAE homes.

The gaming industry is worth overUSD 93 billion globally, and this will only continue to grow. Gamers truly want to be emersed with their playing character and in an environment that is encompassing and reflective of the entertainment value of the game they are playing. It’s not just plugging a machine onto a TV and playing, it is about the imagery, the sound, the cockpit in which one is operating in. Gaming in the UAE is huge, and some of the bespoke solutions from DG+ are truly out-of-this-world.

An increasing number of homeowners across the UAE are looking to set up luxurious home theatres, state-of-the-art music lounge’s and prime gaming zones and DG+, the specialist audio-visual solutions provider of Sharaf DG are at the centre of this growing demand.

Now shopping for these unique entertainment systems can be daunting, Which brand, which product, amps, speakers, TV’s, a process more aspirated if it’s a commercial property, not to mention a home that costs millions of dirhams. Yes, we want the best, buts it’s not always east, irrespective of how much personal research we do, because once we get the system installed there is no going back. This is where DG+ adds value to the UAE home entertainment market. It’s a bonus to be able to talk to experts who can design your ideas and bring them to life. The best brands under one roof, and more importantly expertise that simply priceless. Our showroom in Time Square Dubai and is designed to give the customer a taste of what they can expect or achieve inside their homes.

The home entertainment space is set to grow exponentially, especially here in the UAE. Multibillion-dollar projects, amazing apartments and villas, resounding public spaces all this needs robust entertainment systems and solutions.

The growth in demand for home entertainment is reflective of the industry data from Statista, who projectthe market size for smart home entertainment control systems in the UAE toreach AED 375 million by 2022.Globally, revenue in the home entertainment segment is projected to reach AED 45 billionthis year, with an expected annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.1%between 2020-2025, resulting in a projected market volume of AED 79 billion by 2025. The data from Statista also explains that the home entertainment segment already enjoys a household penetration of 6.3%, which is expected to hit 14.1% by 2025.


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