#LunchforLebanon: talabat receives 115,000 orders region-wide


talabat would like to express its heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all its customers in the MENA region who supported the people of Lebanon, through ordering #LunchforLebanon on August 12, between 12 – 4pm. During this period, talabat users placed over 115,000 orders region-wide.

On top of all profits donated, talabat has donated an additional 130,000 Euro to the people of Lebanon through the Red Crescent.

Tomaso Rodriguez, talabat CEO, says that the employees of talabat feel humbled to be able facilitate #LunchforLebanon, as well as the additional 130,000 euro donation. ‘First of all, from us to everyone who ordered #LunchforLebanon – thank you. You have enabled us to make a sizable donation on your behalf.

#LunchforLebanon was about making it accessible for people to donate, literally as easy as ordering your lunch, which is a day-to-day occurrence for many people. It was amazing to see our customers and restaurant partners across the region standing united for a shared purpose and supporting the people of Beirut.

‘What happened on social media – the amount of people sharing following the incident that took place, contributed to outstanding awareness of the current situation in Beirut, which translated into over 115,000 people ordering to support the people of Lebanon.

‘Our farthest order was placed from Berlin, for a customer in the region, which is truly testament to the love that people have for Lebanon.

‘Our 130,000 euros donation is a gesture to the people of Lebanon. To tell them we are with them. What Lebanon provides to the world is amazing – the culture, the personality, the cuisine, the heritage. It will take some time for Beirut and its people to get back on their feet, however, we wanted to do our part to help.’

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