New location intelligence platform set to disrupt the travel industry

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SpotQuest launched a new location intelligence platform for hotels and restaurants which is set to be a game changer for the industry. The Singapore based company’s new innovative tool provides detailed and actionable insights in a fraction of the time it currently takes travel professionals to gather the data. 

Founded by seasoned hospitality leader Hannes Bos, and tech innovator Sachin Chauhan, SpotQuest was created after identifying a major gap in the industry. The new platform automates location assessments delivering detailed intelligence for hotel chains and restauranteurs. 

Hannes Bos, SpotQuest CEO and Founder said “Having worked in the industry for 20+ years with leading hotel brands and travel industry tech giants, I was unable to find one resource that could combine all the data, analysis and insights that are needed to make informed decisions. So, I decided to create one: an automated solution combining market information and detailed competitive landscape that no other source can provide.”  

SpotQuest is an intuitive platform that is easily accessible for all professionals. Using unique data points at micro-neighbourhood levels SpotQuest delivers insights in a simplified and easily followed format incorporating powerful visualisations through customised maps and tables. The AI powered platform provides the industry with a powerful tool that reduces manual work and room for error.

Easy to use, the platform bridges the gap of other tools, by providing data that is deeply relevant to the business with actionable insights. This global visualization tool allows comparisons across all brands and provides 360° location intelligence in real time. Users are able to customise the filters and point of interest data based on local demand drivers (landmarks, offices, restaurants, nightlife…), to stay ahead of the competition.

SpotQuest is an ideal tool for commercial teams, hotel chains, and consultancy firms, supporting and enhancing commercial performance reviews and (re)positioning initiatives, benchmarking, yearly budgeting and business planning. For development teams, SpotQuest provides feasibility studies for existing or new locations and access to a recommended micro-location list by value opportunity.  

SpotQuest also provides Restauranteurs and Food and Beverage professionals with an in-depth assessment of millions of data points for restaurant locations and menus, across the globe. 

Sachin Chauhan, SpotQuest co-founder and Chief Information Officer said: “SpotQuest is the most advanced platform combining automation and speed with depth of insights. It is the only tool allowing the quantification of the quality of a location.”

This B2B innovation will be followed by the launch, later this year, of a revolutionary travel map that is going to change the way travellers plan their trips. Using the same location intelligence technology, this “AI powered travel concierge” will answer all travel questions, combining search engine, location map and travel recommendation sites – all in one place.

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