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PNY enriches PNY Partner Portal: every retail needs in one click!

ICT Value Chain Vendor

PNY Technologies announces the update of its website dedicated to distribution professionals. This portal provides marketing support as well as a range of sales tools (promotional offers, events, POS), services and a personal messaging system for direct exchanges with the technical teams. The site has been revamped and professionals will now be able to benefit from a more intuitive and richer access thanks to a new site architecture and new content. This will allow them to gain speed and expertise around PNY’s consumer product range

Designed for retailers, e-tailers, wholesalers, independent retailers, supermarkets and others, the PNY Partner Portal supports them at all times to boost their sales. From the product sheet to HD visuals, via e-catalogues or training on products or certain technologies, this tool is a valuable aid for partners.  

This evolution illustrates PNY’s desire to maintain an ever-higher level of quality, and new sections have been added: “news”, a section for following the brand’s latest news; merchandising offers to boost traffic and sales; and a video section for viewing a demonstration or installation of a product via practical videos.  

Always listening to its partners, PNY has also taken into account their wishes for simplicity and speed. As a result, they can now find the elements they need more quickly: the main product advantages to be relayed to their own customers, all the elements necessary for referencing downloadable with a single click. A thorough understanding of PNY’s products and technologies enables retailers to communicate better on their own channels and increase sales.


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