Pure Storage Boosts Global AI Innovation with Expanded Portfolio

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Pure Storage®, renowned for delivering cutting-edge data storage technology, has elevated its prowess in artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives, fostering widespread customer success in global AI deployments. Noteworthy as one of the premier enterprise data storage providers to attain NVIDIA DGX BasePOD certification, and now collaborating with Cisco to introduce new Cisco Validated Designs for FlashStack for AI, Pure Storage continues to furnish enterprises with efficient, dependable data access for emerging AI applications, bolstering contemporary and scalable business outcomes.

Ajay Singh, Chief Product Officer at Pure Storage, emphasized the company’s foresight in anticipating AI’s rapid ascent, providing an industry-tailored, high-performance, and container-ready storage platform. Singh underscored Pure Storage’s commitment to empowering organizations globally, stating, “We’re excited to continue empowering organizations to navigate the complexities of AI with confidence.”

Key Momentum Highlights:

1. AIRI® Advancements: As a pioneer in optimized AI storage since the 2017 launch of FlashBlade®, Pure Storage has evolved its AI-Ready Infrastructure reference architecture, AIRI, in collaboration with NVIDIA. Achieving NVIDIA DGX BasePOD certification, AIRI, built on the latest FlashBlade//S™ storage platform, streamlines AI scaling and deployment, freeing enterprises to focus on insights rather than IT management.

2. FlashStack® for AI: Pure Storage, in partnership with Cisco, introduces FlashStack for AI, complemented by new Cisco Validated Designs. These designs offer automation playbooks for deploying common AI models, addressing infrastructure silos, and accelerating AI infrastructure delivery securely and at scale.

3. Portworx® for AI: Addressing the complexities of containerized AI workloads, Pure Storage’s Portworx facilitates rapid notebook and pipeline deployment, ensuring agility in model training and predictions. Additionally, it enhances data science productivity, providing data resiliency and efficient storage utilization in multi-cloud environments.

Industry Significance:

Pure Storage’s proactive response to the burgeoning demand for AI reflects its commitment to providing an automated, future-proof, and adaptable storage platform. As global enterprises increasingly integrate AI for real-time decision-making and operational efficiency, Pure Storage offers a solution to the challenge of operationalizing AI, providing the right infrastructure to make data readily available while managing costs. With a focus on flexibility, high performance, and automation, Pure Storage caters to a diverse range of high-performance AI requirements, positioning itself as a key player in the evolving landscape of AI-driven enterprises.

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