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Review – myFirst Headphones BC Wireless for Kids with Bone Conduction Technology

product review

By Christopher David – Director – Business & Media Relations at TECHx

Have you heard about Bone Conduction Headphones for kids before? Regardless of your answer being yes/no, there are only a few brands that are actually making them. Till almost the year 2010, bone conduction headphones were used for hearing impaired auxiliary, sports, military communication, scuba diving and not so much commercially. 

With the advancement in technology, bone conduction headphones are doing quite a bit of chatter in global markets. I came across the myFirst Headphones BC Wireless by myFirst, a Singapore based tech company producing accessories for kids using the bone conduction technology. Let’s see how this works and how effective this can be.

Experience & Open-Ear Listening – The biggest highlight of myFirst Headphones BC Wireless is that it does not go in your ears like traditional headphones, as that’s not the way it is supposed to be worn. How Bone Conduction Technology works is – by transmitting sound vibrations along your cheekbones instead of through the air. It is the conduction of sound to the inner ear through skull bones and cheekbones enabling us to hear audio without blocking the ear canal. The myFirst Headphones BC Wireless are specially designed for kids keeping in mind their ear drum sensitivity, modern tech for modern education, user-friendliness and safety. Clearly, since your kids are not wearing them in their ears, the ears are wide open to hear the surroundings while the headphones are still plugged in.

myFirst -review-Bone-Conduction-Technology -Headphones-BC-Wireless-for-kids - techxmedia

Ultra-Lightweight – myFirst Headphones BC Wireless are super light and apt for kids, they weigh around 26 grams which for a child would be an absolute winner. Also, with the bone conduction technology, the eardrums absolutely would stay away from any contact or damage. For kids, this is a very very safe choice.

IPX6 Water Resistant – The myFirst Headphones BC Wireless are IPX6 water-resistant, which means they can survive moderate to heavy splashes of water, resist high-pressure and heavy sprays. However, they cannot be submerged in water, as IPX6 clearly sticks to the above and anything beyond splashes does not guarantee regular device functioning.                  

Some important specs

Dimension: Ear-to-ear (width): 100mm
Dimension: Ears-to-neck (length): 140mm
Material: PC, PET
Net weight: 26g, 0.9 oz
Audio Input: Bluetooth, In-built microphone
Battery Capacity: 140mAh
Battery Life: 5 hours
Stand-by Time: 480 hours
USB Charging: DC 5V
Charging Time: 2 hours
Bluetooth Range: 15m

Sound Quality – I wouldn’t want you to think of this as a headphone for listening to music. These are specifically designed for kids to not cause any damage to their sensitive eardrums. The myFirst Headphones BC Wireless is a great tool for your child’s learning gear, especially with online learning, this could be very effective with all features it sports. Yes, you can listen to music but not all genres as some may require that additional bass or the right treble to avoid jarring. In terms of performance, it really does the job that it’s been designed for and I’m sure, parents would want to look at this option for their children.

Highs – Super light, technology, safe for kids, perfect as a learning accessory, splashproof, battery life.

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Christopher David - Director -techxmedia

This review is attributed to Christopher David – Director – Business & Media Relations at TECHx. He has over 15 years of experience working in different sectors, including approximately eight years in the online and offline media. Outside of work, Chris is a tech hobbyist and a knowledgeable specialist when it comes to reviewing technology.


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