ServiceNow Boosts AI Portfolio for Enhanced Experiences and Productivity

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ServiceNow, the global digital workflow company, has introduced a significant expansion to its Now Assist generative AI portfolio, introducing new capabilities aimed at transforming user experiences and boosting productivity. The latest additions to the GenAI solutions embedded in the ServiceNow Platform include Now Assist in Virtual Agent, flow generation, and Now Assist for Field Service Management (FSM), all of which are now available to customers. These innovations further enrich ServiceNow’s practical generative AI applications, empowering organizations to revolutionize their work processes.

According to Gartner®, the period between 2023 and 2027 is expected to witness a massive $3 trillion expenditure on AI, with GenAI accounting for 36% of total AI spending. Already, as businesses across various sectors embrace GenAI, ServiceNow’s customers are experiencing cost savings, growth, and heightened efficiency. Now Assist plays a pivotal role in accelerating digital transformation, ensuring swift implementation and delivering a rapid return on investment.

CJ Desai, President, and COO at ServiceNow expressed, “Our customers are navigating increasingly complex and competitive landscapes, and AI is the key to achieving faster execution, intelligent decision-making, and enhanced business agility. ServiceNow is at the forefront, seamlessly integrating generative AI into the core of the Now Platform to enable organizations to leverage AI securely and confidently, driving unparalleled speed to business value.”

Enhancing End-to-End Digital Transformation with Intelligent Platforms

Now Assist in Virtual Agent, flow generation, and Now Assist for FSM act as immediate productivity enhancers for customers by reducing the time spent on routine tasks and facilitating conversational self-service, incident deflection, and workflow automation.

1. Now Assist in Virtual Agent: This empowers organizations to create and deploy advanced generative AI chat experiences in just 15 minutes. It facilitates enhanced self-service through a generative AI-powered conversational experience, pulling in relevant information from a customer’s knowledge base and service catalog. New updates include Q&A in Knowledge Management and multi-turn conversations for seamless ordering of catalog items or making service requests.

2. Flow Generation: This accelerates workflow development on the Now Platform by enabling Admins and Developers to generate workflow blueprints quickly. It converts plain text into low-code workflows, eliminating the need to build flow automations from scratch and improving time-to-value for organizations.

3. Now Assist for FSM: This aids field service teams in delivering proactive experiences and boosting productivity with generative AI. It uses AI to summarize work order tasks, streamlining processes for field technicians who rely on mobile devices. This results in improved technician and customer experiences, along with enhanced documentation, compliance, and consistency.

ServiceNow’s generative AI strategy ensures broad and secure language model support through both general-purpose LLMs and ServiceNow-developed models. The Now Platform Vancouver release integrated generative AI across all workflows, and with the latest capabilities, ServiceNow’s intelligent platform can expedite digital transformation by providing a natural language GenAI interface, simplifying access to information and actions and increasing cross-organizational execution speed.

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