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Slack boosts Salesforce customer 360 for sales, service, marketing, and analytics

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Salesforce has introduced new features that integrate the power of Slack and Salesforce, allowing teams to stay connected, productive, and get work done from anywhere – all while maintaining a single source of truth for their company.

“Salesforce and Slack are creating the digital HQ to help every company adapt and get back to growth in this digital-first, work anywhere world,” said Bret Taylor, President and Chief Operating Officer of Salesforce.

Further stated, “This is just the beginning for the Slack-First Customer 360 – which will fundamentally reshape how work gets done by connecting employees, customers and partners and the apps they use on a single platform.”

Nine out of ten businesses aim to integrate remote and onsite work in the future, but just 33% are confident in their ability to negotiate this new hybrid workplace. The answer is Slack-First Customer 360, which uses Slack as the hub to enable everyone in a company to communicate, collaborate, and act on data from Salesforce and all of their other business tools, systems, and partners.

Every department — such as sales, service, and marketing — can collaborate in channels that unite teams and streamline workflows built around CRM data, giving them a single source of truth for their business and a single, shared view of the customer, thanks to these new pre-built integrations between Slack and Salesforce. Slack can automate business operations to make work more straightforward, productive, flexible, and enjoyable. Companies can now work securely with external partners, providers, and customers with Slack Connect, resulting in stronger partnerships and faster results.

Close more deals with Slack-First Sales

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Salesforce and Slack enable salespeople to collaborate on deals in real-time and drive growth from anywhere, with sales reps using Slack experiencing 15% shorter sales cycles on average. The new capabilities in Sales Cloud enable greater access into account details and connect the necessary people to close sales quickly – all while using Slack as the engagement mechanism.

  • Digital deal rooms  Using Slack, sales teams can securely interact on a customer or transaction cycle. Sales professionals can use Slack to view and update Salesforce records and meeting details. Teams can simply prepare for meetings with files, chats, and data in one place, new reps can swiftly onboard by accessing account details in Slack, and external partners and customers can join in directly to conclude transactions quickly.
  • Automated daily briefs on Slack, reps can focus on what matters most by receiving a customised daily list of tasks, meetings, and priority deals that they can act on.

Resolve cases faster with Slack-First Service

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Teams may cooperate to deliver real-time customer assistance using Salesforce and Slack, bringing customers right into the channel when necessary. Customer satisfaction levels improved by 11% as a result of service agents having rapid access to pertinent Service Cloud case data, expertise, and channels in Slack. These Slack-First innovations assist service teams in automatically identifying and bringing the proper specialists into a case, allowing them to respond to customers faster.

  • Swarming  Creates a Slack channel for service teams to communicate on complicated and high-priority situations, bringing in the appropriate employee and external partners to address problems more quickly.
  • Expert Finder  depending on availability, capacity, and expertise, automatically identifies the suitable specialists to add to a swarm channel

 Manage campaigns effectively with Slack-First Marketing

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According to a global poll of marketers, engaging clients in real time is a major problem, yet 76 percent of marketers think that Slack has helped them make faster decisions1. Salesforce and Slack provide a common digital workspace for marketing teams and agency partners, and with today’s improvements, marketers can collaborate on customer journeys and gain insights quickly.

  • Intelligent, AI-driven insights  Information from Marketing Cloud and Datorama — such as lower-than-expected engagement – is communicated directly in Slack, allowing teams to move quickly to keep campaigns on track.
  • Workflow notifications  When modifications to a marketing journey (such as a new email headline) are made, immediately update Slack channels, allowing teams to examine, collaborate on, and approve changes in real time.

Put data at the center of every conversation with Slack-First Analytics

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Tableau and Slack let customers stay on top of data from anywhere by increasing analytics visibility across the enterprise. People can now get data-driven Tableau insights on Slack, allowing them to make better decisions faster.

  • Automated notifications  Users may stay linked to Tableau data they need to act on in Slack, for as when a sales pipeline falls below a certain threshold.
  • Watchlist digests give a daily update on selected metrics and trends, whereas Subscriptions automate dashboard updates in team channels, giving business users access to data and insights where they already work.

How customers collaborate with Salesforce and Slack

To establish their digital headquarters, leading companies are turning to Salesforce and Slack:

  • IBM: “The hybrid workplace requires the right digital tools to keep customers and employees connected, productive, and engaged,” said Arvind Krishna, Chairman and CEO of IBM.

Also said, “The combined power of Salesforce and Slack is helping IBM deliver more value across every customer and employee interaction.”

  • Sonos: “In our rapid shift to an all-digital world, we learned we must be more connected, productive, and innovative to best reach and serve customers no matter where they are,” said Patrick Spence, CEO of Sonos.

Also added, “The one-two punch of Salesforce and Slack has been crucial for collaboration between distributed teams, ultimately helping us achieve unprecedented growth during challenging times.”

 How Salesforce partners drive Slack-First strategies 

Partners are essential for bringing the power of Salesforce and Slack to customers all over the world. Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, Silverline, Slalom, and Traction on Demand, all Salesforce Global Strategic Partners, are investing in Slack throughout their businesses and practises, and certifying consultants to deliver Slack-First digital transformations for customers.

ISV partners such as DocuSign and Vidyard also offer Salesforce-based products that interface easily with Slack, enabling linked experiences and workflows across the Slack-First Customer 360.


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