Report: UAE app purchases spiked during Ramadan 2022

Ramadan has once again proved to be a critical period for UAE organisations to capitalise on users’ growing preference for engaging with businesses via their mobile apps.

UAE firms say mobile apps are now a ‘must’ to reach customers effectively

With COVID-19 speeding up the transition to digital services and contactless experiences, 84 percent of UAE firms feel mobile applications are now a “must” to stay relevant to their customers.

SHAREit ranked among the top 5 media sources in the Middle East

“With consumers spending more time online than ever before, in-app purchases are on the rise as a result, and the Middle East market has been no exception to this trend in 2021,” explained Karam Malhotra.

UAE sees 55% growth in Finance App as FinTech up marketing spend

The consumer finance industry is fast-growing across the Middle East, so it’s not a surprise to see demand for mobile apps increasing .With marketing being a primary driver of installs, and the amount spent on increases, UAE FinTech marketers to continue rising.

SHAREit ranked No.1 media publisher by AppsFlyer

SHAREit’s primary feature is the peer to peer file transfer, allowing users to share pictures, music, and more, with other devices without using an active internet or Bluetooth connection.