SHAREit ranked among the top 5 media sources in the Middle East

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SHAREit Group stated that its file sharing, multimedia streaming, and gaming software SHAREit has risen to the top five Android user platforms in the Middle East in both gaming and non-gaming categories.

“With consumers spending more time online than ever before, in-app purchases are on the rise as a result, and the Middle East market has been no exception to this trend in 2021,” explained Karam Malhotra, Partner and Global Vice-President at SHAREit Group.

He added, “As SHAREit Group aspires to become an advertising powerhouse for regional brands, these efforts have been boosted by successfully capitalizing on growth recorded in several areas. Such outcomes have been key behind us becoming a leading media published for regional companies operating in various gaming and non-gaming spaces, and we look forward to the coming years as we continue supporting their in-app purchases and long-term development aspirations.” 

SHAREit has strengthened its position in the gaming segment, achieving a volume ranking of fourth and a power ranking of fifth in the gaming segment’s simulation category, and a volume ranking of fifth in the gaming arcade category, according to the Retention Index.

SHAREit has expanded its influence into the non-gaming category, ranking fourth in the volume and power rankings for the social category, while strengthening its position in the gaming segment, achieving a volume ranking of fourth and a power ranking of fifth in the gaming segment’ The rankings come from AppsFlyer, a marketing measurement and experience platform that has released the 13th edition of their Performance Index, which highlights the top mobile advertising media sources. The survey looked at 33 billion app instals, 17,000 apps, and 55 billion app opens from 623 media sources.

The app-based media publisher was rated highly in various areas in both the gaming and non-gaming industries at the regional level. SHAREit also ranked in the top 10 for volume and power in the casual, hyper casual, midcore, and puzzle categories in the gaming industry and the non-gaming sector’s life and culture category. SHAREit also ranked in the top ten of the IAA Index to assist in monetizing gaming apps.

Its international recognition matched SHAREit’s outstanding Middle East rankings. The platform ranked fourth internationally in the volume rankings for IAP index across all categories, trailing only Google, Facebook, and TikTok. SHAREit has also grown its influence by effectively breaking into new areas, becoming North America’s fastest-growing publisher and Latin America’s second-fastest after TikTok. With hundreds of customers from the financial and e-commerce industries, the rankings highlight SHAREit’s expanding importance as a preferred marketing platform for mobile marketers aiming to promote quality users and branding.

SHARE Its main feature is peer-to-peer file transfer, which allows users to exchange films, programs, photos, and other files with other devices without having to use the internet or Bluetooth. It also ensures secure program transfers using peer-to-peer offline app sharing as one of Google Play‘s first app channel partners.

SHAREit has also built itself as a one-stop digital content platform, with games, content discovery, and consumption services available to consumers. SHAREit includes a dedicated gaming section with HTML5 games, gaming videos, and the ability to download popular titles. It boasts one of the largest portfolios of mobile games from creators all around the world, with games spanning all genres. SHAREit’s impressive upward momentum in the gaming category continued, with the company ranked 8th globally and expanding its strong presence from midcore and casual to being ranked in the top 10 globally across all categories, including arcade, puzzle, simulation, and hyper-casual games, according to the recent AppsFlyer Performance Index XIII.

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