Microsoft dominates Q4 2023 phishing impersonations

Check Point Research (CPR), the intelligence division of Check Point® […]

Cyberattacks increased by 32% globally and by 178% in the UAE

Check Point Research (CPR) reports that second quarter of 2022 saw an all-time peak of 1.2K attacks per organization globally, 32% increase compared to Q2 2021, whereas UAE observed an average of 970 weekly attacks.

Malicious file protection for mobile devices introduced by Check Point

Employees are increasingly using mobile devices to perform critical business tasks or to access and share sensitive company information as the world shifts to remote and hybrid working.

Trickbot rebirths Emotet: 140,000 Victims in 149 countries in 10 months

Trickbot-infected PCs began distributing Emotet samples by encouraging users to download password-protected zip files containing malicious documents that are rebuilding Emotet’s botnet network. Emotet’s operations were updated with some new techniques added to the toolkit.

Check Point Software finds security flaws and stops theft in OpenSea

When getting requests to sign your wallet online, CPR advises caution. Before you approve a request, carefully analyse what is being sought and determine whether it is unusual or questionable.