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TP-Link introduces Mesh WiFi 6 System with Alexa integration

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TP-Link has introduced the world’s first Mesh WiFi 6 System with Alexa Built-in, called Deco Voice X20. Deco Voice X20 and TP-Link have won the 2021 CES Innovation Award for their stunning product design and outstanding user advantages.

Deco Speech X20 is a Mesh WiFi 6 system with Alexa Built-in that provides clients with whole-home WiFi control by voice. It uses the newest WiFi 6 and Mesh technologies to provide high-speed and low-latency WiFi coverage across your home.

Customers can control every part of their smart home with Alexa Built-in, eliminating the need for a separate smart speaker. Customers will be able to play audio between different Deco devices via the Mesh WiFi system, which will improve WiFi and acoustic experiences throughout the home.

“TP-Link has worked tirelessly to combine smart home and mesh WiFi devices. IoT and WiFi integration will provide further benefits to our customers,” said Lucas Jiang, GM of TP-Link MEA.

Also said, “TP-Link is committed to providing users with full-coverage network experiences and the optimization of their smart home experience. We have developed this Deco Voice model to explore the future of smart home living. We are delivering integrated IoT management, intelligent controls, whole home network connections, and home network safeguards.”

The WiFi 6 technology in the Deco Voice X20 allows for faster WiFi speeds, better signals, and a greater connection capacity. WiFi 6 speeds allow bandwidth-intensive activities like Ultra-HD streaming, video calling, and cloud gaming to take place. The ability to accommodate additional devices on the network is greatly improved by OFDMA technology. The Deco Voice X20 system provides up to 4,000 ft2 (2-pack set) of WiFi coverage, with stronger signals boosted by BSS colour and beamforming.

TP-Link - WiFi 6 -Mesh-System-Alexa -integration - techxmedia

Alexa Built-in enables whole-home WiFi coverage, as well as corner-to-corner audio and voice control.

Deco Voice transforms your smart home, allowing you to manage your smart home devices, get today’s weather, make changes to your schedule, queue your favorite playlists, and more. All you have to do is ask Alexa.

The Deco Voice X20 integrates with other Alexa-enabled devices and Deco units smoothly. Customers may quickly converse with a buddy or notify the family that dinner is ready with Alexa Calling, Messaging, and Announcements.

The Deco Voice X20 is connected to other Deco units via TP-Link Mesh technology, which creates a single, unified network. It satisfies the network’s requirements for continuous coverage, robust connections for multiple devices, and a high network rate. Deco Voice X20 also considers a variety of smart home possibilities in the future. Each Deco unit’s built-in smart speaker communicates with one another to provide WiFi coverage from corner to corner and voice control.

Alexa Built-in lets you handle TP-Link Tapo devices as well as a slew of other Alexa-enabled smart home gadgets. Thanks to all of these capabilities, Deco Voice X20 is an exciting alternative for clients searching for a wonderful online experience, intelligent home adopters, and other life-changing technologies.

TP-Link - WiFi 6 Mesh-System-Alexa -integration - techxmedia


• WiFi 6 with super-fast speeds: 1201 Mbps (5 GHz) + 574 Mbps (2.4 GHz).

• TP-Link Mesh Technology: Walkabout your house and stay connected at the quickest speeds available.

• Alexa Built-In: Create a more intelligent home with Amazon Alexa’s whole-house voice control.

• Integrated Smart Speaker: Provides great sound throughout your home by supporting major audio providers.

• TP-Link HomeShield: Provides dependable IoT security, robust parental controls, and detailed security reports.

• Full Gigabit Ethernet: Each Deco Voice device has two Gigabit WAN/LAN Ethernet ports for warp-speed wired connectivity.

• Setup Has Never Been Easier: The Deco app leads you through the setup process step by step.

• Compatible with All Deco Models: All Deco models are compatible to create a cohesive whole-home mesh network.


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