WeMENA B2B e-commerce platform: An innovative reseller programme


Calling all wannabe entrepreneurs! WeMENA is celebrating an innovative reseller programme which allows anyone to sell the 1000s of products available via the WeMENA platform.

Already making waves in the traditional paper-based supply chain that dominates the region’s commercial activity, WeMENA makes online wholesale purchasing a breeze with a simple B2B purchasing experience akin to that of an established B2C e-commerce store.

Now, a new reseller feature allows individuals – such as those looking for residual income, students, or work-from-home mums – to create their own catalogue of products from WeMENA’s extensive online product list, and sell them to others, without any cost to themselves.

Qualified resellers can sell from thousands of products including electronics, health, beauty, cook ware and dozens more categories of authentic products procured from reliable sources.

In order to sell items online in the UAE, resellers must have a trade licence, but the WeMENA team is on hand to help with all the set-up arrangements to ensure a smooth process at minimal cost, with an introduction to business set up agencies available if required. 

And bringing this solo entrepreneurial aspect to the region is a well-timed salve for those who might be experiencing financial difficulties as a result of the ongoing pandemic. 


Pali Banwait, co-founder, says: “As part of our ongoing mission to help bolster the UAE economy, we are expanding our offering beyond business-to-business wholesale, and allowing anyone to create their own online ‘social commerce business’. The pandemic has hit everyone hard, and we want to help people get back on their feet. Those who have lost their jobs, those who have seen a drop in income, anyone can set up an account with us and start selling products of their choice with a few simple steps.”

Banwait, an experienced online entrepreneur himself, says: “We have already had a flood of interest from potential resellers – so I’d encourage everyone to act quickly to sign up for our exciting new programme. We want to ensure this is something that is open to all, and we want to share the joy of seeing people from all walks of life earning extra income without having to invest their own funds in creating a viable business.”

The reseller programme has been designed in a way so that potential resellers can start with ZERO investment of their own money. Would-be online entrepreneurs receive free access to a series of tutorials on how to use WeMENA to build their very own zero investment business on signup to the scheme. 

Banwait explains: “To help individuals get started we will lend them products which once they have sold for a margin can then be paid for from the proceeds they have received. This means there is no upfront cost of goods for the reseller, hence it involves zero investment.

“With the development of our online reseller programme, we have removed many barriers an individual might face in trying to create a goods store of their own. For instance, knowing where to source wholesale goods, opening a vendor account and having to pay upfront for products.

“We see the reseller programme being an extremely useful opportunity for people like housewives, out of work individuals, freelancers and students looking for extra income. Anyone with a modicum of internet savvy can create an account and start selling to their social networks,” adds Banwait. 

A free WeMENA account brings easy, safe, online access to a myriad of products, which resellers can view, add a profit, and sell on to their networks of colleagues, friends, and associates.

Resellers can choose to specialise in one area – like toys, or homewares – or offer customers a catalogue featuring items from all of the site’s ever-growing list of product categories.

Meanwhile, WeMENA’s tie-up with Spotii, the innovative deferred online “Buy Now, Pay Later” payment scheme has proved so successful in helping the region’s entrepreneurs spread the cost of payments for goods, the trade credit limit has now been increased from AED500 to AED2,000.

Pali Banwait says: “We knew Spotii’s innovative payment scheme was 100% aligned with our vision of being a company that helps local SMEs not only survive but thrive during this tough year. The Spotii service allows you to split repayments across four instalments, spread out over 60 days with absolutely no extra or hidden fees! All you have to do is select Spotii as a payment option upon your checkout, it’s that simple, we promise!”

WeMENA is a simple, straightforward gateway that brings bulk purchasers together with reliable, trustworthy manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers. WeMENA provide sellers with hassle free access to new business customers, while providing them with a reliable payment solution, while handling all delivery logistics and post-delivery customer service issues. 

Recent additions to the site’s product lines include catering supplies, electronics, and stationery. 

These add to the list which currently comprises: Appliances, Arts & Crafts, Automotive, Baby & Kids, Bath, Beauty, Bedding, Cell Phones & Accessories, Cleaning Supplies, Clothing, Shoes &Jewellery, Computers, Electronics, Food & Grocery, Health & Personal Care, Heating & Cooling, Industrial & Heavy Duty, Kitchen & Dining, Luggage & Travel Gear, Office Products, Patio, Lawn & Garden, Storage & Organization and Tools & Home Improvement.

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