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September 27, 2022

Send special tweets to a few in a group with Twitter’s new feature

Twitter has introduced a new feature that will allow users to send tweets to only a few selected groups. Called the “Twitter Circle”, it is a way of sending Tweets to a specific group of people and allows you to communicate with a more specialized audience.
by News Desk | 2 min read
August 25, 2022

Here’s how Alexa is helping families during new school year

The "back-to-school" season has officially begun across the country, and customers can use Alexa skills to organize their day-to-day activities, access information quickly, and easily manage their schedules with just a voice command to help families prepare for the new academic year.
by News Desk | 2 min read
August 18, 2022

How Instagram allows crossposting to Facebook

Instagram announced 3 new features for reels including crossposting reels to Facebook
by News Desk | 2 min read
July 26, 2022

Free games from Epic Games Store that gamers can enjoy

Want to play Games but not spend exorbitant prices for them. Then game enthusiast or beginners should check EPIC Games store for collections of free games that anyone can enjoy.
by News Desk | 2 min read
July 1, 2022

Seven games many are eagerly awaiting in 2022

Video games have gained a lot of traction over the last decade with the rise of e-sports and the occurrence of game enthusiast streaming for content.
by News Desk | 2 min read
May 20, 2022

How does crypto mining work?

In 2009, an anonymous person who went by the alias Satoshi Nakamoto was said to have mined the first batch of 50 bitcoins using the CPU chip of their personal computer.
by News Desk | 3 min read
April 8, 2022

Using Artificial Intelligence for healthcare in the Middle East

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly changing healthcare in the Middle East. By automating tasks and improving communication between healthcare providers and patients, AI is helping to improve the quality of care for patients.
by News Desk | 2 min read
March 3, 2022

Check out these ten tips for staying safe on public WiFi

Public WiFi is not as secure as you may be thinking? In fact, it's a hacker's paradise. And here are 10 tips to help you stay safe on public WiFi.
by News Desk | 3 min read
February 18, 2022

Here are the 5 antivirus tools you might need

Your computer is vulnerable to attack from hackers and other online criminals. Here are some tips to help you secure your computer and protect your data
by News Desk | 3 min read
February 16, 2022

11 tips for playing video games better

There are a lot of video games out there, and it can be hard to know which ones are right for you. If you're new to video games or not sure what kind of game you want to play, these tips will help you find games that suit your skill level.
by News Desk | 3 min read
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