How Instagram allows crossposting to Facebook

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Instagram is going to launch 3 new features for its users. Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, announced the new features in a video on Twitter.

So, what are these new features let’s find out:

Crossposting from Instagram to Facebook

Users can upload a Reel on Instagram and have it posted on Facebook simultaneously if they have accounts on both social media platforms.

The user will be prompted to post the Reel to Facebook the next time they create one on Instagram.

Unless it is specified otherwise at the time of posting, all reels made on Instagram after opting in to crossposting will automatically be shared to Facebook.

Users also need to keep in mind that the default privacy option for Reels is public. People who are not connected to you will be able to see your Reels even if you have a private Facebook page.

“Add Yours” sticker

The “add yours” sticker from Stories is now available in Reels on Instagram. This is to inspire people to make reels in which you can add stickers and encourage others to create a reel in response. The way to do it will be to tap on the stickers to add the user’s own reel. If a reel does go viral people will be able to ascertain that it was a specific user’s trend due to the attribution.

Mosseri in the video talks about this feature and said, ” What’s kind of amazing about it is when you see something it can inspire you to create your own story, and we want to have that in the video too. We want consuming video to be fun and entertaining, but we also want to inspire people to tell their own stories, and this is hoping to get at that idea.”

Detailed insights about Reels performance on Facebook

Another upgrade that is being released is better Insights for reels which will now come out for Facebook. With this upgrade, users will have access to analysis tools that will let them look at information like reach, average watch time, overall watch time, and other metrics, showing how well the reels are doing on Facebook.

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