Ericsson executes Intelligent Deployment for strengthened network services


Ericsson executed Intelligent Deployment for strengthened Network Services portfolio. The Intelligent Deployment solution is an agile, digital, and modular suite of tools and services that enables communications service providers to roll out, grow, and upgrade networks based on their individual needs.

Networks are growing more complicated and diversified as technology advances. As a result, there is a growing desire for a network deployment that is best suited to service provider needs, has a quick return on investment, and is future-proof.

With this in mind, Ericsson’s Intelligent Deployment has reinvented network rollout for the 5G era. It connects network design, installation, integration, acceptance, maintenance, and services evolution as a building block for efficient network life cycle management.

The solution includes enablers including artificial intelligence (AI), automation, and a data-driven cloud-based architecture that allow a variety of service provider activities like Intelligent Site Engineering, Intelligent Integration, and Remote Access.

Intelligent Deployment will supply the right network at the right moment, and network data will be used to improve and develop the network. To satisfy market and customer expectations, service providers can leverage data-driven and digitalized procedures to make network management choices faster and more effectively. The inclusion of AI will ensure that the network evolves with the times.

NelloCalifano, Head of Strategy and Portfolio Management, Ericsson Business Area Networks, says: “With our Intelligent Deployment solution, we are vastly improving the way we deploy networks, making it more agile, flexible and responsive to customer needs. This means we can deliver parts of our portfolio to service providers based on their specific requirements. We use extensive data insights to offer new services as well as pre-empt problems when introducing intelligent monitoring of the network even after end of deploDeploymentinvesting more in our network services, we create better solutions for our customers.”

For the overall intelligent deployment process or just for network deployment services, the solution offers outcome-based (purchasing professional services), subscription-based (buying access to solo capabilities or the complete offering), or a mix of both as and when needed.

From site survey through acceptance, service providers can achieve improved accuracy, transparency, and cost efficiency, as well as more flexibility in change management and a faster time to market.

Intelligent Deployment is based on data integrity and trust, providing service providers with an end-to-end information process that guides workflow at every level of their services. Simultaneously, it will protect data security and safety by offering user-friendly solutions and adhering to any regulatory limits imposed by the country in which it operates.

Vodafone is employing Ericsson’s Intelligent Deployment technology to speed up network improvements in the United Kingdom. Drones and Lidar-based 3D technology are being used to collect high-definition imagery and data at 70 different locations in order to provide a more digitalized and efficient network implementation.

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