GitHub’s dark mode,auto-merge pull request


GitHub today announced a bunch of new features at its virtual GitHub Universe conference including dark mode, auto-merge pull requests, and Enterprise Server 3.0.

In the past couple of years, almost all major apps have rolled out a dark theme for its users, so why not GitHub? The company is introducing the feature in beta for your text editor, IDE, and terminal starting today.

The code hosting platform is also rolling out an auto-merge pull request feature that’ll free administrators from overseeing every code commit. Folks who make pull requests often have to wait for approval for even simple changes. This new feature will automatically merge the code if it passes checks set by admins.

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Mario Rodriguez, Vice President, Product at GitHub, feels that auto-merge will see a lot of traction in coming months:

Every month, we see 11 to 15 million pull requests on GitHub. And a lot of time, developers want to have a friction-free experience of not having to wait for approvals for every kind of change. That’s why we are hoping that a lot repository owners will use it.

The auto-merge pull request feature will be available for private repositories and enterprise customers starting next week; for public repositories, it’ll be in a public beta.

GitHub’s auto-merge pull request feature

In March, GitHub announced a new function called Discussions that facilitated community engagement within repositories. At that time, it rolled out to a limited number of projects such as Vercel (formerly Zeit), Prisma, React Table, and React Query. Now, the company is making the feature available to all public repositories. 

GitHub Discussions

In addition to this, the Mircosoft-owned company today announced a dependency review — a security check to scan all newly added libraries to the code — and GitHub Enterprise Server 3.0 with GitHub Mobile support and code scanning.


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