MAST Consulting Group introduces RIAA, brings full-suite employee empowerment solutions

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MAST Consulting Group has announced the debut of RIAA, the Retail Intelligence and Analytics App, full-suite employee empowerment and retail experience solution. By establishing connected digital experiences and building strong digital trust with customers, this revolutionary solutions suite is meant to empower retail staff and unleash improved performance outcomes.

“With RIAA, we are creating a robust retail ecosystem that not only empowers the frontline staff but back-office staff like marketers, UI designers, etc., as well. This feature-packed solution suite will give brands a holistic view of critical, employee-facing functions across the retail value chain. And in doing so, RIAA will help brands empower employees and maximize their productivity,” said Abhay Pandey, Founder, and CEO of the Mast Consulting Group.

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“Managers can utilize RIAA for effective scheduling and task management, deriving data-driven insights for subsequent strategizing, and creating a workplace culture of utmost accountability, transparency, and empowerment. This culture of employee empowerment translates to positive performances and successful implementation of CX strategies,” added Abhay, explaining MAST Consulting’s unique value proposition.

The debut of the RIAA comes at a time when the world is becoming increasingly digitalized, necessitating upskilling and great digital talent. Employee empowerment has become the first order of business for customer-facing organizations as they navigate the new normal, deliver great CX, and distinguish their products and services.

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In general, RIAA consists of a web portal for managing teams, creating and assigning tasks; a mobile app called Agent Powerhouse for proactively managing sales and operations, guiding and supporting agents, and auditing and evaluating in real-time; and Web Data and Analytics for deriving actionable insights and creating customer reports, among other critical functions.

Several recent studies have confirmed the importance of staff upskilling. According to one survey, if personnel are not competent, 46% of customers will depart a brand. Only 30% of brands, on the other hand, were discovered to be upskilling their personnel. RIAA is gratifying front-office employee skilling and digital experiences in reaction to this sub-optimal current quo, allowing them to better connect with other teams, minimize silos and take control of customers’ retail trips.

FIELD Management optimizes all retail field functions; Market Intel captures daily activities, customer feedback, allows employees to transmit information, and more; Task Manager engine to assign and manage duties, set targets, and get reports; SUPPLIER Management to manage inventory, instantly communicate with suppliers, place orders, and more; Web Analytics to collect data and exploit direct experience from employees to optimise routes, regular functions, and so on; and Media+ to exchange and manage files and information immediately.

RIAA also uses artificial intelligence (AI) and automation to improve monotonous tasks and a variety of important internet-facing activities. The platform’s open API allows for flexibility and smooth third-party integration, allowing it to adapt to future changes and initiatives in the retail industry’s ever-changing digitization and customer experience landscape.

Unlike individual solutions that are focused on certain departments or tasks, MAST Consulting’s RIAA is designed to drive holistic efficiency throughout the value chain while empowering employees at every step. At a time when employee experience (EX) is as important as, if not more important than, customer experience (CX); the launch of RIAA is both timely and consequential, bearing the promise of a new data-driven growth phase in the retail industry.

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