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Merlin Digital launches new range of technology gadgets at Dubai Duty Free

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Merlin Digital, a Dubai-based electronics company dedicated to making a smarter world through technologically innovative offerings, has launched a new range of uniquely crafted and colorful technology gadgets at Dubai Duty Free.

The brand’s range includes the world’s smallest projectors, smart wallets, and customized Apple accessories such Apple AirPods Pro, Pencil 2, and Magic Mouse 2. To highlight this new product’s availability at Dubai Duty Free, a sustainable modular promotional site has been set up in Concourse B (Terminal 3) of Dubai International Airport and is available until 28th February.

Commenting on the launch, Rohit Bachani, Merlin Digital Director and Co-founder said, “The only way that the uncertainty of present times can be recovered is by taking bold steps and continuously re-inventing ourselves and we are very excited by what we are offering at the moment at Dubai Duty Free. We think that this is a positive growth trajectory for our company.”

Sharon Beecham, Dubai Duty Free’s Vice President – Purchasing said, “We are happy with these latest products from our retail partner, Merlin Digital, which is a great addition to our ever-growing technology portfolio. We are positive that its customisation element and colorful take on these products will increase engagement with our customers.”

Merlin Digital re-invented its popular portable projector series with the entry line Merlin CUBE HD, CUBE HD PRO and the high-end 3D ULTRA POCKETBEAM PRO with price ranging from AED 990 to AED 2,340.  These projector series are aimed at consumers that are working from home and also spending quality family time. The Merlin Projector series, which is smaller than the palm of your hand, has a built-in Netflix app for Android OS and features a 3 hours battery life. The projector is also a boon for travelers and can also be used for business presentations through wireless streaming from smartphones, tablet, and notebooks.

Bachani stated, “The Merlin portable projector design was made with the busy (business) traveler in mind encompassing several main features, maximum battery life, high screen resolution, all with easy connection facilities with smartphones and with the minimum use of cables.”

Meanwhile, in pursuance of their attempt at adding color to gadgets like Apple, Merlin took pride in launching their new limited-edition customized Apple accessories including Apple AirPods Pro, Pencil 2 and Magic Mouse 2. All hand-painted in vibrant colors and hand-crafted finished, in particular with Apple AirPods that comes in premium leather, neon and metallic finish. An example of which is the Black Shimmer Exotic series priced at AED 2,340.

“The fact that these unique features can be added to our everyday gadgets through Merlin Digital will undoubtedly have a global reach with this move.” added Bachani.

Other products available are smart wallets that promises to safeguard from RFID theft.

Merlin Digital range of products were first introduced at Dubai Duty Free in 2002. Currently the range includes projectors, headphones, activity trackers, gadgets and electronics accessories, as well as customized Apple accessories. In 2020, Dubai Duty Free sold AED 8.9 million worth of Merlin Digital products.


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