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Middle Eastern firms called to adopt real-time solutions

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In the wake of COVID-19 coronavirus, Middle Eastern organizations are being called on by industry experts to adopt real-time solutions to re-design core business processes to secure employees’ and citizens’ welfare and subsequently maintain business continuity.

Safety and well-being are top priorities as the world manages the deepening effects of the coronavirus. All organizations face unprecedented challenges as the impact on the global economy continues.

Frontline industries of healthcare, pharmaceuticals, research, and public security need to access real-time information, address citizen sentiment, and accelerate reaction time.

Retail, banking, education, insurance, and entertainment need to enable digital channels. Wholesale distribution, retail, consumer, and oil and gas need to provide supply chain flexibility, ensure last mile delivery, and secure sources of supply and finance.

The urgent need to evaluate business viability is now more important than ever for both industries directly hit and equally for companies experiencing demand spikes.

“To weather the impacts of the current COVID-19 coronavirus crisis, SAP enlists in leveraging real-time tech solutions to interweave potentially disrupted supply chains, foster safe travel, accelerate coronavirus pre-screening, and facilitate remote working,” said Sergio Maccotta, Senior Vice President, SAP Middle East South. “SAP is now more than ever the trusted partner to help the world run better and improve people’s daily lives.”

It is during such times that we, as contributors to our community, must strive to come closer together in battling this outbreak. With this in mind, SAP Qualtrics has launched two new free solutions: the COVID-19 Pre-Screen and Routing, a guided pre-screening questionnaire and information portal, and the Remote Work Pulse, which provides a live barometer for organizations to understand how employees are working from home.

Similarly, and to support the organizations which embrace our citizens, SAP has opened access to SAP Ariba Discovery for real-time procurement between buyers and sellers to maintain the supply chain, and to TripIt Pro from Concur to manage safe and easy travel itineraries in the face of changing travel itineraries.


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