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PayBy has integrated its revolutionary payment solutions with Asfartrip. Customers booking travel, airlines, or hotels on Asfartrip can now use PayBy payment methods to complete their transactions in a secure manner.

Rashid Alketbi at Asfartrip, said: “People are increasingly using smartphone apps for every aspect of travel: from planning trips, showing vaccination proofs and getting electronic boarding passes, to even accessing their hotel room, making cashless payments and sharing their travel experience on social media. Integrating with PayBy payments solutions is a logical next step in offering added convenience, safety, and security to our customers. Contactless payment is faster, safer and the need of the hour, and this partnership with PayBy is another step to offer additional value to our customers.” - PayBy - cashless travel booking - techxmedia

PayBy also announced that the Asfartrip website has been incorporated into its native app, allowing clients to access travel and accommodation booking services as well as cashless transport. Customers can now book travel and plan vacations from anywhere and at any time using the safe, smart, and simple-to-use PayBy App, providing increased convenience and ease of booking using the app.

As the tourism industry recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic and mobile phones become more incorporated into post-pandemic travel and tourism experiences, cashless travel is largely regarded as the way of the future. The collaboration between PayBy and Asfartrip is a crucial step toward making cashless travel a reality — a world in which everyone planning to travel, stay, or vacation doesn’t have to worry about carrying cash and can instead use online payment alternatives.

PayBy’s payment solutions are available to all UAE residents, making it easier for those who are unbanked or underbanked to book tickets online.

According to Statista, the value of contactless transactions is expected to nearly double from $4.4 trillion in 2020 to $8.26 trillion in 2024, virtually doubling the digital payments industry.

Asfartrip is the first lifestyle app from a third party to be included into the PayBy native app. In the future, the firm wants to integrate more value-added services into its App, allowing clients to purchase coupons, game credits, and food delivery, among other things. Customers can now enjoy all high-frequency payment situations on the all-in-one app as the PayBy ecosystem diversifies.

PayBy also offers digital payment services for retail transactions, hotels, transportation, utilities, and cell top-ups, among other things. PayBy enables contactless and cashless payments with a QR-code-based payment system. PayBy’s QR code is based on tokenization, which is commonly regarded as a more secure payment method because it allows critical payment information to be processed without revealing it.

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