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Plan now to travel after the pandemic in a chat with Eddy Travels AI Assistant

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Eddy Travels launched a new chat application with an integrated artificial intelligence (AI) travel assistant. Eddy Travels also announced a new partnership with to offer the best flight search experience and prices. is an innovative travel-tech company that, through its proprietary algorithm of Virtual Interlining, enables users to combine transportation from more than 800 air and ground carriers and provide unique itineraries that can’t be found elsewhere.

“After spending tiring months in lockdown, people are once again hopeful about travelling. At Eddy Travels, we want to help families or friends reconnect and seamlessly plan future trips by simply chatting. The new chat app removes the burden for one person to be responsible for planning everything and makes it a fun shared activity, even if it’s done remotely for now,” said Edmundas Balčikonis, Co-Founder and CEO of Eddy Travels.

Oliver Dlouhý, Co-Founder and CEO at added, “Edmundas and his team did an amazing job building the first group travel booking app that actually works and is really fun to use. We are proud to be providers of flight and ground transportation inventory, including Virtual Interlining. Together with Eddy Travels we’ll make it easy for the travelers to always find their perfect itinerary, for the lowest price.”

The new Eddy Travels chat application will help families and friends reconnect during the lockdown as they start planning together for that 1st post-pandemic trip. It is now available to everyone at .

In the past, Eddy Travels AI assistant was only available to individual users on popular 3rd party chat applications like WhatsApp and Messenger. The new Eddy Travels chat application is for travel planning by individuals and groups. Anyone can quickly start a conversation with the AI assistant and get the best travel offers in real-time.

The chat app is developed as a web application, does not require downloading, and is very simple to use on any device. New members can be invited to join and plan travel together by sharing a link to the conversation or a specific travel deal. In the conversation, users just need to text the Eddy Travels AI assistant, and it will start searching for flights or accommodation.’s “Tequila API” powers the Eddy Travels AI assistant flight search.


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