Prayer timings become easier and more integrated – Just Say “Alexa”

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Amazon Alexa has announced the release of its newest feature, which allows Muslims in the UAE to be reminded of their prayer times at any time and from any location using only a voice command.

Customers in the UAE who own Amazon devices such as the Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show10, and 8 can now enjoy a more convenient and integrated spiritual experience thanks to Alexa’s ability to remind them of prayer times with just a voice command and personalize this feature to best meet their needs and requirements.

Smart home devices are increasingly becoming a part of our daily lives, not just for those who value the connectedness of technology, but also for those who rely on smart solutions to make their lives, practices, routines, and rituals easier and more integrated.

Revenue in the smart home market segment is expected to reach AED 220.64 million by the end of 2022 in the UAE, one of the top markets for smart home devices in MENA, and the UAE is expected to have 4 million smart home users by 2026.

This demonstrates the growing trust that UAE consumers have in smart devices, particularly in meeting their daily demands, requirements, and, more importantly, religious activities.

Just Say “Alexa”

Customers can set up routines with Alexa to ensure this feature is recurring indefinitely by simply saying “Alexa, enable prayer times” or “Alexa, remind me of prayer times,” with the flexibility to stop them whenever they want by simply saying “Alexa, cancel prayer calls.”

Customers can also tailor this experience to their specific needs and preferences, such as having their reminders set up as “adhan” calls by asking “Alexa, enable prayer calls,” and selecting which prayers they want to be reminded about.

With devices such as Amazon Echo, customers/worshipers across the nation can embrace the positive impact that AI applications and smart home devices with Alexa’s capabilities can have on their lives, making their homes, lives, and worship habits easier and more accessible with just a single voice command.


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