SAMENA Council to Host Event on 10 Gigabit Digital Infrastructure

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The SAMENA (South Asia Middle East North Africa) Telecommunications Council has announced that it will host the SAMENA ACCELERATOR event focused on 10 Gigabit digital infrastructure. This event is scheduled for October 13th at 2:30 PM and will take place at the JAFZA One Convention Centre in Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE.

In partnership with Huawei Technologies, a valued member, the SAMENA Council will present the SAMENA ACCELERATOR on 10 Giga as a policy-level session within the Ultra Broadband Forum 2023.

Building on the success of the 2021 edition of SAMENA ACCELERATOR, which concentrated on advancing fiberization policies and promoting the shift toward IPv6 transition, the 2023 SAMENA ACCELERATOR aims to reinforce the pressing need for embracing Fiber and IPv6 innovations that have gained prominence in recent years.

The SAMENA Council believes that these two technological aspects, when adopted as crucial facilitators of Gigabit networks in the SA-ME-NA region, especially in GCC markets, can significantly expedite digital economic development, align with ambitious national ICT visions, and open avenues for profound industrial and societal transformation in the region and neighboring areas like Central Asia.

Bocar BA, CEO & Board Member of SAMENA Council, remarked, “The October 13th SAMENA ACCELERATOR will delve into the progress of various regional markets toward realizing national ICT visions and implementing the gigabit society concept, already underway in developed countries. However, in this region, we aspire to pioneer the 10 Gigabit society. Advancements in fixed-line networks, investments in 5G, and effective policy and regulatory approaches hold the potential to bring this concept to life.”

SAMENA Council observes that the region, particularly, and neighboring regions, in general, need to catch up with more digitally advanced economies. However, substantial measures are required to further broadband development and IPv6 transformation, with moving toward a “gigabit” society representing a significant leap forward.

SAMENA Council extends an invitation to industry professionals to participate in the SAMENA ACCELERATOR event and eagerly anticipates hosting guests in Dubai.

For more information about this edition of SAMENA ACCELERATOR, please visit: SAMENA Accelerator – 10 Giga Digital Infrastructure for Accelerating a Robust & Sustainable Digital Economy

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