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Women in Tech: Sonali Basu Roy from Bulwark on IWD 2021

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This International Women’s Day 2021, TECHx brings you important messages from Women Leaders in Technology across the Middle East. Here Sonali Basu Roy, Marketing Manager – Bulwark Technologies shares insights about her experience in the tech industry, the importance of work-life balance, and tips for aspiring women looking to join the industry.

TECHx: Please tell us about your experience of being in the tech industry/tech role?

Sonali: Technology is causing massive changes every day. My continued endeavor would be to keep myself updated on all changes & continue always delivering my best in my current role. Stay agile & up to date on industry trends with a constant thirst & focus on knowledge enhancement.

Technology has undertaken a tremendous transformation in the field of marketing. A few years ago, people went to one or two websites when looking for a product and decided based on that information. Today, however, the information available about products is almost endless. With the current trend in Digital Marketing, unlimited data online, customer reviews, and countless vendors to purchase from, the purchasing power & mode of purchase are in the customer’s hands. Today, however, customers can locate most of this information before ever speaking with the company with the help of a creative engine called Marketing.

The explosion of a wide array of cybersecurity solutions to combat the recent cyber threats in the region along with the advent of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain Technology, Internet of Things (IoT), Social media have been some major transformation in technology I have witnessed till date.

Our customers are already interacting with brands on small but constant and highly effective social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. Marketing on social media can bring remarkable success and transformation to your business, creating devoted brand advocates and eventually driving leads and sales, which has a direct impact on the Brand’s top line and revenue.

TECHx: What is the importance of work-life balance and how organizations can help achieve this?

Sonali: When I was in the crossroads of choosing a sound career, I was highly fascinated and impressed to see how an ordinary product transforms into an extraordinary brand with the assistance of the creative engine of ‘Marketing’. This highly inspired me to be a catalyst in the formation of large brands and pursue my dreams of becoming a successful marketer in the IT segment. The growth opportunities are enormous and so are the challenges associated as you successfully climb the corporate ladder. Being a proud mom to my little princess, I feel it is important to balance my personal & professional career giving both the required importance for a healthy work-personal life balance with constant support from my organization to achieve this.

TECHx: Please share some tips for aspiring women looking to join the tech industry?

Sonali: They should believe in their capabilities and should be quick learners and acquire different skills. Market trends and mentalities are changing and there is plenty of opportunity for those who are dedicated and motivated. I strongly believe that success and passion towards your job & responsibilities are correlated and would enable in achieving the desired level of success and at a shorter timeframe.


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