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Get the most out of Google Photos with these unique features

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Google Photos is an excellent tool for preserving pictures and videos. It’s compatible with any device, whether a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, can conveniently access any content from Google Photo. The app’s web version can also be used to efficiently locate all of the functionalities because some of them are hidden in the mobile app version. 

Below is a quick overview of five unique features of Google photo to enhance your experience.

Google Photos enables you to edit photos and videos

Google Photos was recently updated, and it now has a feature that allows users to customize the time and date of any photo or video straight within the app. The new feature was initially available on the app’s web version; however, the recent update has made the quality accessible on the mobile version.

With this new feature, you can alter a date or time in the Google Photos app if you believe your device has entered it erroneously. You may modify the date and time by swiping up on any image or video and selecting the “edit” marker in the right corner.

If you do not see this feature in the app, make sure you’re running the most recent version of Google Photos. If the functionality is still not available after a few days, you should try again.

It lets you recover recently deleted photos or videos

This new feature enables users who accidentally deleted photographs or videos from Google Photos to recover them from the trash. To use this function, launch the app on your phone and go to the library area, where you will find a Trash section. Click that, and you’ll be able to see all of your previously deleted photos.

You may not recover a deleted photo or video if it isn’t in the trash. You will may not also be able to retrieve the content if you moved it to the garbage and it’s over 60 days, or removed permanently it from your trash or permanently deleted it from your device’s Gallery app before even backing that up.

Google Photos helps you to free up space

Google Photos features a storage management function that can clear up a lot of memory quickly. You can use the program to erase unclear pictures, screenshots, lengthy videos, and other images that you don’t want.  To access this feature, go to Account Settings in Google Photos > Back up and Sync settings > Manage Storage.

You can create a photo collage or a movie on Google photo

Users can use the Google Images app to make movies or collages out of their photos. This feature is found in the library section of the mobile edition. To get started, tap the “Utilities” tab and then scroll down to the bottom. A Movie and Collage option will now appear.

You may also ask Google to make movies for you, which takes only a few seconds. The company also includes music. If you remove a film or a collage created using Google Photographs, the program will not delete the original photos that were used to generate the movie, according to Google.

Upload images to the Archive

Most of us have some specific photo or video that we don’t want someone else to see. The new Google photo updates let you hide those media from people’s views, though you still have them in your photos. Go to Library > Utilities > Move photographs to Archive to accomplish this. When you press this, you’ll be able to hide photos in Google Photos that you don’t want others to see.

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