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Seven things you can do to be more secure online

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The safety of your personal information is key in today’s digital world. It is easy for hackers to access and misuse your data, so make sure you safeguard yourself from a breach by taking all steps possible. Many effective ways exist for doing this, although most users are unaware of the variety of tools and resources available. Here are some of the tips an average online user can perform to be safe from any digital threats.

Data Backup

The risk of data compromise will always exist, no matter what protections you take. It’s important to backup your information as well as keep it password-protected. When a data breach occurs, many people neglect the importance of maintaining backups. You become much better prepared in case such a situation arises if you back up your data now.

Set up multi-factor or two-factor authentication

As the Coronavirus outbreak spreads, cybercriminals are stepping up their activities. Make sure that multifactor authentication is used for logins to prevent a catastrophic breach. A simple action that you can take to prevent many identity-related threats is to enable two-step verification on as many apps as possible.

Using a VPN is always recommended

VPNs allow you to keep track of your data and prevent prying eyes from seeing it, especially when you are connected through wi-fi. Ensure you choose a reputable commercial VPN service. A number of free VPNs are available, however many have been found to encrypt your data or install malware.

Don’t Ignore Software And OS Updates

Make sure you have the most recent versions of all your mobile devices’ operating systems and applications. Additionally, make sure they have all been patched. You can take these measures quickly and easily and keep your device free of malware, ransomware, and other threats that can exploit your device’s vulnerabilities and steal your personal information.

Never Reuse Passwords

Keeping one common password on all your social networks and logins is the most common mistake people make. All your data can be accessed via that method. It is important to choose different passwords so that your information is not compromised.

Use Anti-Virus Protection & Firewall

Malicious attacks can be fought most effectively with antivirus software (AV). AV programs protect your device from malware, other viruses, and other threats. Install only one antivirus tool on each device and use it from a trusted vendor

Phishing Scams

The goal of a phishing scheme is to trick the receiver into divulging their credentials, clicking malicious links, or opening attachments that infect their system with malware, trojans, or zero-day vulnerabilities. Ransomware attacks are often the result of this. Ransomware attacks are 90% the result of phishing attacks.

The following are a few tips for avoiding phishing schemes:

  1. To conclude, do not open emails from unknown senders
  2. Find out where links will take you if you hover over them – safe links are highlighted in green, while other links are red
  3. In general, be on the lookout for emails sent to you – check to see where they came from and if there are any grammar errors
  4. You can receive malicious links from friends who are infected as well. Take extra precautions!

It is possible to prevent cyber catastrophes with these simple tips for cyber security. In spite of this, hackers and data breaches are becoming more sophisticated due to technological advancements. Hence, it is important to be very cautious about your online activities.

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