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Women in Tech: Farhana Nazneen from Pangaea X on IWD 2021

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This International Women’s Day 2021, TECHx brings you important messages from Women Leaders in Technology across the Middle East. Here Farhana NazneenProduct Manager at Pangaea X shares her experience in the tech industry, the importance of work-life balance and tips for aspiring women looking to join the industry.

TECHx: Please tell us about your experience of being in the tech industry?

Farhana: I came from a background where there was this myth that women don’t work in technology. Today, women have to be as tech-savvy as anybody else technology is part of our everyday lives. I started my career with a business intelligence firm and haven’t looked back ever since. I got to use a variety of new technologies & software applications to solve real world problems. It is an accomplishment to be the brain behind the solution & that’s the addicting feeling I got when using software to solve a problem resulting in an individual, team or even business benefiting. I have enjoyed being a developer and a hands-on analyst which has helped me become the manager I am today. It has been an exceptional experience as I get to learn about something new every day due to technology continuously evolving, it keeps me on my toes.

TECHx: What is the importance of work-life balance and how organizations can help achieve this?

Farhana: Work life balance is a tricky scale to even out. Doesn’t always work, as much as you can have a plan and a schedule, nothing ever goes according to plan or stays on schedule, meets run late, issues arise, unexpected things happen. So my only advice would really be expect the unexpected as cliché as that sounds. Organizations can help by providing that flexibility, where you work from home (which majority do nowadays) flexibility on timings etc… I have always found my productivity to increase when I am happy and in positive state of mind which comes as a result of both the company but also home life.

TECHx: Tips for aspiring women looking to join the tech industry?

Farhana: If you are interested in tech, do not think twice. Learn what you want to! Like coding? Hop on to it. No hard and fast rule. What matters is your interest and urge to learn. Knowledge is acquired every day, be it a CEO or an entry-level fresher. Consistency will build a roadmap of your career/interests. Tech industry is one of the giant industry’s where you can apply your thoughts/ideas. Remember –technology is everywhere! An advantage for us is- with the high IQ, we also possess high EQ(Emotional Quotient) naturally which plays an important role in building the shape of the future. Have numerous role models-  and seek guidance, Indra Nooyi (former Chairman & CEO of PepsiCo) , Susan Wojcicki (CEO, YouTube), Amy Hood(CFO, Microsoft) – are a few of mine.


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